NBC is calling Gingrich the winner in the South Carolina Repub primary.  I don’t know about the West and the rest of the North, but the blatant racism that Gingrich displays in the ‘debates’ has great appeal in the South.  Gingrich is playing to the ‘cracker,’ to the ‘angry white man’ voter.  And he may very well win the Repub nomination to run against Obama in the General.

Gingrich is not to be taken lightly.  He will be a formidable opponent.  He will lie, he will make up the most outrageous stuff, his 30-second spots on TV will paint Obama to be the second coming of Karl Marx, at best, or Adolph Hitler, at worst.

But Gingrich’s negatives are much higher than his positives.  In the General, if Gingrich blames the unemployed for being unemployed, and blames poor people for using food stamps, it will be a losing combination.

‘No-drama’ Obama ran a good solid campaign against a quality opponent, Hilary, so I am not concerned that Gingrich will pull an upset.

In speaking about Gingrich

“This is the founding father of uncompromising extremism,” said Mark Mellman, a Democratic strategist.

Gingrich has moved so far to the radical right that Obama can take a center-right (and every thing to the left of it) position and body check Gingrich into the boards.

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