Why Are We THERE ?

So I set the DVR to record a movie on HBO with an interesting tittle.  “Love Crimes of Kabul” is a 75 minute movie, of which, for reasons I do not understand, only 37 minutes are recorded.

A brief synopsis is here.

The Badam Bagh Women’s Prison (spelled Badum in the film, though all promotional material spells it Badam) houses 125 women. About half of the inmates are being held for real crimes such as murder, drug smuggling or attempted suicide bombing. The other half all are being held on moral charges such as premarital sex, adultery or running away from home, the argument for the latter being that no one runs away from home with someone or to someone unless plans for a sexual relationship are involved.

So, after watching fifteen minutes of the movie, I am forced to ask, “Why have we lost 1500 or so troops over there?  What does the United States expect to get out of this primitive, backward place?”

Islam, as practiced in Afghanistan, goes against all of human nature.

Example:  She is 20, incarcerated in Badum Bagh Women’s Prison in Kabul, Afghanistan.  She was being romantically pursued by a young man.  According to her, he wanted to marry her.  They engaged in premarital sex, she got pregnant.  Both have been arrested and are in different jails, she for over 2 months, with no hearing or trial.

Example:  A youngish single lady, living at home, who had a 4 PM curfew after getting off work.  For some reason she was going to be late getting home, so she ran away and was housed by an older woman.  If convicted the younger lady can expect 15 years in prison, the shelterer, 20 years in prison.

Beyond the corruption of Hamid Karzai, the Mayor of Kabul (/snark), can anyone explain to me, “Why the United States is expending blood and treasure in this backward, primitive place?”

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