On Saturday, 28 Jan, one of the guests on UP w/ Chris Hayes was Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).  As I cannot find a transcript, I will post here thee comment I left at UP regarding Rep Maloney’s statement.

Rep. Maloney said that when she was in Afghanistan she was told that the reason that the Taliban did not give up bin laden was because the Taliban did not believe the US would invade.

I cannot dispute that Rep Maloney was told that, or at least heard that. But anyone that knows anything about the Pashtun knows that is absolutely not true.

The Pashtun tribes/clans have an iron bound tradition that if you are their guest, they will protect you with their lives, if necessary, before they woulf hand a guest over to anyone.

It is unbelievable that over ten years into a war of choice in Afghanistan, we are still ignorant of who the Afghans are.

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