Items From Saturday

I am finally getting around to the Saturday version of Up W/ Chris Hayes.  There are two items in particular that I find especially interesting.

The first is a dialogue (not available as of Tuesday afternoon) at the 54th minute of the first hour,  with Chris, the panel and Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of National Organization for Marriage.

The conversation revolved around the question ‘Why does it necessarily take a married couple of a woman and a man to raise children?’  Why can’t a committed couple of a man and a women raise their children?  Why can’t a committed gay couple raise children?

They seemed to punch holes in Maggie Gallagher’s stand that only a marriage of a woman and a man can raise children.


At the 12 minute mark of  the second hour Eric Klinenberg  (@ericklinenberg), NYU professor and author of Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone appears as a guest.  At about the 17 min mark of that hour Rebecca Traister, who has read Going Solo, and is writing her own book on a related subject, talks about how delaying marriage can allow a woman to grow in ways that are historically new.


Full disclosure.  Mrs Chief and I have been married for over 51 years.  As a progressive I disagree with Ms Gallagher.  And I also understand Ms Traister’s thesis that a single woman can grow when not inhibited.

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