White Men

I am seeing a parallel here.  As part of and immediately following the Civil War in the United States, there was a period called re-construction beginning about 1865-1877.

With passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (which outlawed slavery), the 14th Amendment (which granted full U.S. citizenship to African Americans) and the 15th amendment (which extended the right to vote to African American males), African Americans in the South were made free citizens and were given the right to vote. Under Federal protection, white and black Republicans formed constitutional conventions and state governments. Among their accomplishments was creating the first public education systems in Southern states, and providing for welfare through orphanages, hospitals and similar institutions.

Then, the white men figured out how to get the authority of the government on their side and the Jim Crow Era was born.

Secret vigilante organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan—an organization sworn to perpetuate white supremacy—had arisen quickly after the war’s end and used lynching, physical attacks, house burnings and other forms of intimidation to keep African Americans from exercising their political rights. Although the first Klan was disrupted by prosecution by the Federal government in the early 1870s, other groups persisted. By the mid-to-late-1870s, elite white Southerners created increasing resistance to the altered social structure. Paramilitary organizations such as the White League in Louisiana (1874), the Red Shirts in Mississippi (1875) and rifle clubs, all “White Line” organizations, used organized violence against Republicans, blacks and whites, to turn Republicans out of office, repress and bar black voting, and restore Democrats to power.  In 1876 white Democrats regained power in most of the state legislatures. They began to pass laws designed to strip African Americans and poor whites from the voter registration rolls. The success of late-19th century interracial coalitions in several states inspired a reaction among some white Democrats, who worked harder to prevent both groups from voting.

Okay?  That is all ancient history, of which we are all familiar.  Now, fast forward a hundred years.  First came “the pill,” followed by Roe.v. Wade.

All of a sudden the white male hegemony was under attack.  That women could do as they please, that they now had some sort of control over their bodies was aborrent to the white male dominated world.

And look where we are now.  Personhood amendments, that have gone down to three flaming defeats, will be on the ballot in most states this November. And Virginia is about to enact a law that demands a  “transvaginal ultrasound.

In November every one needs to “Occupy” the voting booth.

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