Donna Rann, R. I. P.

Two days ago, 29 February, a tornado rated at ER-4, ripped through Harrisburg, Illinois.  Like a thousand other small towns, no one in the larger country notices.

I noticed because for my last fifteen years in the work force, I worked in Harrisburg, Illinois as an employee of the U.S. Forest Service.  I still have a daughter and two grand children living there.

A Forest Service employee, Donna Rann, was at home when the storm demolished her house and killed her and her husband.

Her and my employment over lapped by a few months and I cannot say that I knew her.  But, I’ve know B for over 21 years, B is a good friend of both mine and Mrs. Chief.

And B is devastated that she lost a very good friend.

There are many pictures of the devastation wrought in south east Harrisburg in the web. I cannot find the picture of Donna Rann’s son going through the rubble of the house that was on the front page of the newspaper today.

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