How Many More ?

I just saw a graphic on the local weather, around 0900 Saturday, that stated that so far in March, and this is only the morning of the 3rd of March, there have been 95 confirmed tornados.  The ‘record’ for the number of tornados in March is 180 set in 1976.

Points to consider:

  • It is only the 3rd of the month and we are over half way towards breaking the record.
  • With unemployment high and poverty growing, who is going to pay for the survivors houses to be rebuilt.  (I have a personal interest here.)
  • State governments are strapped.  Will FEMA under a Democrat president be the “helper” of last resort.
  • Do we have the political will to help those who lost so much.

Granted, we cannot make them whole again.  But can we, as a nation, help them rebuild and help the destroyed businesses that employed them to rebuild, also?

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