Repubs Need To Win

In order for the Repubs to maintain control of the House and pick up four or more seats in the Senate, they must win the White House.  When George Will suggested that it might be better to forget the White House and concentrate on winning both houses of Congress, I cheered.

With the singular exception of a slump in the economy, the antics of everything Repub is biggest boost Obama and the Dems could possibly hope for.

First, consider the two clowns (no offense meant to those who paint their faces and dress up funny) leading the pack – Romney and Santorum.  Each has too many ‘negatives’ to list them all and if you aren’t familiar with a good number of them – well . . .  But, consider that the electorate is 53% women and all the Koman for the Cure/Planned Parenthood, transvaginal ultrasound and personhood amendments that the R’s in many states are trying to pass and that should be enough to give you positive feelings about November.

So, the Repubs will not be able to have a nominee who is electable in the General.  The rabid, right-wing base has been dragging the nominating process into ‘Crazy Land.’

And, after a peak in the November 2010 election cycle, the Tea Partying types are losing members faster than fleas leaving a swimming dog.

If the election was tomorrow, Obama would be seeing a second term with a solid majority in both houses of Congress.

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