I’ve Said This Before

Sometime in the past, can’t recall how long ago.

When I go into the voting booth, or whatever it is called where you vote, I always vote for a Democrat.  In the General Election, I figure that any Dem is going to do my interests better than any Republican candidate.  Always.  Period.

I could go on about Repubs just represent big business and how business men would sell their own mothers into slavery if they (just) thought their quarterly profits would be up.  But you already know that.

But if is a judicial position (here in Ohio, we get to vote for Common Pleas judges), and there is just one candidate, I figure they’ll vote for themselves and do not need my vote.  Besides, they are all Repubs anyway.

In the Primary, here in John “Sunshine Johnny” Boehner’s home area, a lot of ballot positions do not even have a Dem running because a Repub always gets elected.  And most of the time, where there is name on the Dem primary ballot, there is only one name.

So, to sum up, in the General Election, from the top of the ticket all the way down to dog catcher, I vote for the Dem. Always.

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