A Meeting

where I would like to be a fly on the wall.

“Good Morning.  Most of you know who I am, so, just for the record, I am J. Appling Simons, Deputy Director of Enforcement for the CFTC.  I have invited you here to what might be a very short, but assuredly, a very important meeting.  Please, be seated.”

“You are Mr. Jones P. Smith, is that not correct?”

“Yes it is.”

“With 2nd Capital Dearborn.”


“Mr. Smith, would you estimate how many guests, including your self, we have here today?”

“Mr. Simons. I would estimate between fifty to sixty people.”

“Thank you, Mr. Smith.”

“Gentlemen, you have been invited here because we are all in the same business.  You are traders, or perhaps a better word would be speculators, in oil commodities.”

“I am here because I am the cop on the beat.”

“The price of gasoline, diesel fuel, in fact all petroleum products has gotten out of hand.  These high prices are beginning to strangle the nascent recovery of our still fragile economy.”

“I have been working with the AUSA for the Southern District.  In my hand, I have twenty-seven, as yet still secret, indictments for commodities fraud.  All twenty-seven of the named people are in this room, right now.  There are fifty five attendees, which means that if your name is not on one, the persons’ next to you is.”

“The average price of gasoline, nation wide, as of yesterday is $3.91.  The average price of diesel is $4.71.  Everything is delivered by truck.  Not only is the public being hit when they fill up the tank, they are being gouged when they buy groceries or anything else.”

“Mr. Curtis, would you allow me to finish and put that black berry away, please?”

“Continuing on, this situation is untenable.  But, these indictments will not be served today.  Nor will I come to your offices and serve them tomorrow or next week.”

“No.  I am going to give you the opportunity to do the right thing and find a way to get the price of gas in the $3.05 range.  I am going to give you three or four weeks to accomplish that.  And if that happens, these indictments will only see the inside of a micro-cut shredder.”

“One other thing that I can promise, if the price is not coming down and one of the named indictees is planning on a vacation in Aruba or Rio, you will receive a restraining order prohibiting you from leaving the country and requiring you to surrender your passport.”

“Are there any questions?”

The above is a figment of an overactive and wishful imagination.

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