I Have Never

bought into the absolutist 2nd Amendment arguments.

When I lived in Newfoundland, Canada, I had two guns – a 7.62 Mauser and a shotgun.  I literally lived at the end of the paved road.  Black Bear and moose were everyday sights.

When I came back to the States in Sept 1969, I sold both guns and have never owned a gun since then.

But I have good friends that own guns and do hunt.  And even though I do not hunt, I support their hunting.  Human beings have gotten rid of all the top level predators in the United States.  And even though many states are increasing the number of deer permits for hunting, the deer population still grows.

If we did not allow deer hunting, we’d see Bambi starving in our front yard.  Not a pretty thought is it.

And as far as handguns are concerned, a six-shot revolver, to maybe kill a gravely wounded animal, is a humane way to go.

But as far as hunting, the 2nd Amendment and the National Rifle Association is concerned, I can see no place for semi-automatic guns in the public domain.

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