Three Items

First, on the Dylan Ratigan show today,  Dan Gross a member of the Mega Panel and a YAHOO! Finance Economics Editor, said that the public was happy with two of the parts of the Affordable Care Act that have been inplemented.

  • Pre-existing conditions will be covered.
  • Parents may keep their children on their policy until they reach age 26.

He opined that if the SCOTUS strikes down the ACA and people lose these benefits, they may be so upset that they will throw out the Republicans in the November elections.

Second, has Jeb Bush’s much ballyhoo’d signing of the now infamous Florida “Stand Your Ground” law eliminated his chance of ever holding another elected office?

Third, are the Republican/Whack-O Right just “Waging a War On Women” or are they waging a war on the 99%?  Here is an interesting thought that came from a link by a commenter at a Maha post.

    “It’s not just a “War on Women,” she noted, “it’s a war on all of us, a war against everything that’s progressive and sensible.”

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