Death Panels

Remember three or so years ago, the TeaPartiers were interrupting town hall meetings about Death Panels in the new health care act?  Well Texas has had ‘death panels’ since 1999.

Since 1999, Texas has given hospital “ethics panels” the authority to end care even if the patient or family wants to continue.

It’s called the Texas Futile Care Law. The Texas Senate bill passed in 1999.

Back then, the Senate’s presiding officer was Lt. Gov. Rick Perry.

Yes, the governor who says, “I always stand by the side of life.”

Willie went to the hospital a few weeks ago with chest pains, according to Texas Right to Life’s Elizabeth Graham.

Doctors found pneumonia and leukemia, Graham wrote. After Willie underwent surgery and chemotherapy, his family asked about another hospital or hospice care.

Though he had plenty of insurance, no other facility would accept him. After the legally required 10 days, the hospital ended nourishment.

He was “dehydrated and starved to death completely against the family’s desire,” Graham wrote.

You’ve probably heard that the Lt. Gov, Rick Perry, got promoted.  Then the Little Clown Perry tried running with the Big Clowns (a.k.a. RepubliKKKan Presidential Wannabes) and was sorely lacking.

Anyway, just another reason to add to the dozen or so reasons I’ll never go to Texas.

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