Fear Still Sells

As you may recall, my father-in-law passed away last month.  Due to my mother-in-law’s failing eyesight, three years ago she let her driver’s license lapse.

So, I call the Social Security Administration to find out what steps she needs to take, where upon I am told that she needs a picture ID.

The “picture ID” thing was accomplished in a half a day, but with far too many headaches.

First of all, the first clerk we spoke with at the office where they issue license plates/driver license/picture IDs in Mercer County, Ohio was short with all four of us (mother-in-law, Mrs. Chief and her next youngest sister and me). Especially when we did not have the proper paper work.

If you have a driver’s license that has expired more than six months ago, leave it home.  According to these folks, it has been dropped from the system.

So, in order to get a state of Ohio picture ID here is the documentation my mother-in-law had to present:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate with proof of gender
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of address


  • As her last name was not the same as on her birth cert, a copy of her marriage license.

A big sign by the entrance/exit door had this in big letters:

“1 chance is all a terrorist needs”


The Bush/Cheney fear factor is still alive in Ohio.  Oh, did I mention that Ohio has a TeaParty governor?

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