More On The Simplest Form

Hilary Rosen’s comment(s) were mis-taken, probably on purpose.  And my previous post addressed that.


Mrs. Chief never had a jot outside of the house.  She never worked for wages.  None the less, she was the principle parent for our four children while I was deploying as a 21 year member of the U.S. Navy.  It was hard work and she did a damn good job of it, I’m proud to say.

Mrs. Chief could not afford the luxury of having a nanny or any butlers.  She even had to drive herself and the kids to the commissary on base, to the dispensary, if any of the kids got sick, be the sole parent at parent-teacher meetings . . . well, you get the point.

Mrs. Chief even had to learn how to put gas in the car, not having a chauffer.

And, because we do not have even one gardener, Mrs. Chief plants the garden, with my help.  and she weeds the garden, too.


When it comes to money, when it comes to the day-to-day cares of raising a family and running a household, Mrs. Romney does not have a clue what Mrs. Chief had to contend with.

But, I suspect that Mrs. Romney and the rest of the Republicans, know that.

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