Reducing To The Simplest Form

Sometimes one needs to step back from what a public figure has said and look at the totality of the situation.

Rich people, the obscenely wealth, the top 5 percent of the top 1% is who I am referring to.   Ann Romney comes to mind in her attempt to help her husband show that he “is all for women getting ahead” or what ever it is he is doing to close the gender gap on Obama.

Those families that have a net worth over $200 million, they don’t worry about:

  • trying to get someone to pick up a sick child from school while the parents are at work.
  • trying to get a ride to work while the car is getting repaired.
  • trying to arrange late daycare when you find you will be working mandatory overtime – tonight.
  • attending parent-teacher conferences when they have to work 2nd shift.
  • they do not have  ANY unexpected expenses.
  • how can I afford a new washing machine?
  • my coffee pot broke
  • they raised the fare on the Metro again

I suspect that the Romney’s had nannies.  I mean with five active boys, she could not be expected to stay home to take care of them when there were important events to attend such as tennis lessons, golf with the girls and for those rainy days, bridge at The Country Club.

A Ruth Lopez left this as a comment 

Dear Mrs. Romney,

Perhaps you can advise me since you have raised 5 boys, I’m sure you’ll understand. One of the kids is sick again and I have no sick days left at work. In fact, my boss gave me a bad performance review and no raise this year because he said I obviously don’t care that much about my job since I’ve missed so many days and if I miss anymore he may have to replace me. Whenever my child gets sick, my boss reminds me how easily I can be replaced.

We don’t have health insurance at my job, so, if my boy gets worse, I’ll probably be at the ER most of the night tonight. Not for the first time, but that’s ok, he’ll get care. It’s tomorrow I’m worried about.

As you know, regular day care will not take a sick child, so if I need to work when my child is sick, I have to pay for sick child day care, which costs as much as I make, and, as I’m sure you know from personal experience, I still have to pay my regular day care, whether my child is there or out sick, so I actually lose money in order to work while he’s sick. It’s that or take a chance on losing my job entirely.

Should I take my child to the day care for sick kids and lose money and not have enough for my bills this month, so I can keep my job, or should I stay home with my sick child and hope that I don’t get fired?

What did you do when this happened to you?

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