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A little (more like a lot) snark from  The Hillbilly Report about poor Ann Romney.

While moms across the country are working one, two or three jobs just to get by, provide shelter for their children and put a little food on the table, poor Ann Romney has it even worse. She, Ann Romney, not only has the duties of a mom, she has to take care of her many homes, supervise her under paid housekeeper moms, protect and grow the family wealth, select a private school good enough for her children (Belmont Hill School for Boys in Belmont, Massachusetts at $25,440 per year), prepare for Fox News interviews, supervise her La Jolla home rebuild plan to include an elevator for her cars, etc, etc, etc. Poor Ann Romney.

As far as I’m concerned, the Romneys are the ‘poster children’ for the top one/tenth of one percent of the top one percent who do not know what it is to have to put up with what the bottom 99% have to put up with, but I am convinced that they do not give a shit about the bottom 99%.  All they care about is hood-winking enough dirt-poor wingers so they can win the election.

Gawd, are we stupid, or what?

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