Or lack of leadership.

I am reading Seymour Hersh’s book  Chain of Command published in 2004.  Junior enlisted soldiers were the ones photographed with Iraqi prisoners who had been put in humiliating positions in Abu Ghraib prison.

Fast forward to this year.  We have pictures of Marines urinating on dead Afghans, we have soldiers burning copies of the Koran and we have a sergeant allegedly going out in the middle of the night and killing 17 Afghans, mostly women and children.

That these events, separated by ten years, are happening, is not a coincidence.

As far as I am concerned, based on twenty one years of enlisted service in the U.S. Navy, enlisted folk do not go off the reservation and perform these horrific deeds unless they have received clear signals, that must originate from the General Officer corps, that this type of behavior is expected and will be rewarded.

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