Obama Rally – Columbus Ohio

Update below.

Before I begin, after seeing Tom Bales first sentence of the 2nd graf let me just say: Fuck Chuck Todd.  I was present at the Obama Rally today.  The Schottenstein Center has a capacity of 18,809.  I would estimate that 3500 – 4000 seats in the upper deck were un-used.  But the crowd on the floor easily exceeded 1500 people.

Tom says

But all in all, POTUS kicked off his reelection campaign in Boner’s home state on a high note and with considerable success, no matter how hard the right wing media and talking heads try to downplay it.  The fact that they’re trying so desperately TO downplay it is ample proof of what I just said.  If they weren’t scared spitless they wouldn’t be that desperate now, would they?

Now that we got that Bull Shit out of the way.   Today was a very interesting day.  We were on The Ohio State University campus so it was not surprising to see a whole lot of young people there.  But there was a hellova lot of gray hairs like the Ol’ Chief there, too  And those students ROCKED.  THE.  HOUSE.  Wow, they had energy.

The surprise to me was Michelle.  I had not ever seen her speak for as long as she did introducing POTUS.  She is one heck of a speaker.

But the Main Event was the President.  Michelle leaves as Barak steps to the podium.



There was a Romoney campaign bus near the Schottenstein Center today with a few tables with staffers present.

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2 Comments on “Obama Rally – Columbus Ohio”

  1. Tom Bales Says:

    Great pics Chief. I’m going to refer folks here when they start with the “sparse attendance” BS. I also envy the hell out of you for getting to be there. I really hope to see them when they hit CA but I don’t expect I will.

  2. why don’t you crosspost this at ‘republic’ and we’ll promote it to the front page for the afternoon.

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