Movie – “Children of Men”

I have grown weary of politics, talking heads et al.  So, I scan the channels on Dish Network looking for interesting movies to watch.  I look for movies with actors that I particularly enjoy such as Pacino, Matthau, Freeman or Ford.  And I look for 3 or 4 star movies.

So I come across “Children of Men,” a 2006  4-star movie starring Clive Owen.

I do not intend for this post to be a review of the movie.  Not at all.

After watching this flick I believe that the United States will look like the England in the movie if Romney and The RepubliKKKans take over.  “Papers Please” will become a cute anachronism.  Everybody will be required to carry a government issued ID (regardless of skin tone) that must be presented when ever the ID is demanded by any government or police employee.

The USA will become a vicious dog-eat-dog place with a landscape littered with the semi-destroyed remains of a once civil society.

The downward trajectory that the 0.01 percent have set us on will accelerate with a Romney – TeaParty administration, until the current economic misery,  the Little Depression as Krugman (behind firewall) puts it, will be but a fond and distant memory.

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One Comment on “Movie – “Children of Men””

  1. joesix Says:

    It deserves ten stars. There’s one shot in there that lasts for about five full minutes.

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