Last Sunday when VP Biden was on Meet The Press and commented that he was comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage, I thought that this was not a mis-speak but a calculated stance by the administration.  Some quick polling apparently showed that this was a winning position and POTUS comes out today in favor of same-sex marriage.

I would guess that the Dems feel that they will gain more votes than they will lose.  Perhaps they view this as a way to get the base enthused about re-electing Obama.

Money is important, as always, but Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) is vital.  A ground game is what it is all about.  Too many states with TeapubliKKKans in charge in both the Gov. office and the legislature are working over time to suppress the votes of students, the elderly and people of color.  The Dems need feet on the ground helping people get the proper voter IDs and getting people registered.

Call me cynical, but if this accomplishes the GOTV, so be it.


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