Census Data

From the New York Times this map of the United States.  You can see date all the way from the state level down to the ‘census tract’ level.

This is very interesting and you’ll be surprised!

What you will see is a Map of the US – not just the 48 states but all of the 50 states.  Territories are not in the census – but they did provide information during this process.

You can go by county and as you zoom in by city to see the increase or decrease and then you can see the changes of the various races within these cities.

Look at places you know and also look at the map at the darker tan and darker green location. Tan counties have lost population, while green ones have increased population.

You can zoom in and out to get the information on the places you know.

Use your cursor can move map around and you can zoom in on specific counties to get current stats.
It is very interesting!

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