I look for a place where there is peace.  Where people tolerate each other, no matter the differences.

So, I came across this volume by Linda Ellerbee Take Big Bites at a sale the county library was having.  Ms. Ellerbee has always been a favorite of mine.  I believe she is as truthful as any reporter since Cronkite and I do not see nearly enough of her.

I am perusing the Table of Contents and I see


Divorced Eggs and Ham

So how about spending a holiday – or a life – in a country not your own?

She is in Mexico, talking about the town in which she is staying

San Miguel is said to be a place where Mexicans, Anglos, Indians, hippies, yuppies, dopers, drinkers, rich people, poor people, religious people, atheists, widows, the newly divorced, people of varied sexual preferences, priests, painters, posers, and perverts coexist without wanting to kill one another.  My kind of town.

Leave me to live my life any way I choose and I will leave you to do the same.


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