Troy, Ohio

This is a picture that appeared in the local paper today of Mrs Chief on the left with one of out grandsons, protesting the appearance of Gov Romney in Troy, Ohio yesterday.

The newspaper said there were 1,500 people on hand to greet Gov Romney, Sen. Portman and Speaker Boehner.  While I am, admittedly, not an expert on crowd size, I would estimate a crowd of 300 including some rude folks that hissed and boo’ed the Governor.

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5 Comments on “Troy, Ohio”

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    I’m trying to get an accurate crowd size figure. I am reporting it on that link; Iv’e done alot of coverage of crowds for Ron Paul. This particular crowd looks to have been right around the number you cite, 300. I’m wondering, to which newspaper do you refer. I just published a photo from something there in Troy, showing about 300 or so around a bus with Romney speaking outside, near a very tiny KMart. I’ve called the editor to ask for clarification. ONLY a few media outlets have reported ANY number, the campaign seems to have put out this number and it seems to be what a few have run with…Thank you for your post! John P. Slevin

  3. Chief Says:

    The newspaper with the 1,500 number is the Piqua Daily Call. Link

    BTW, it was NOT a K-Mart. It was a hamburger type restaurant named K’s Hamburger Shop, 117 E. Main St, Troy, Ohio
    937 339-3902

  4. Chief Says:

    I have also read that (ch 7 in Dayton, OH) reported a 1500 number for attendance. I cannot find that at their site.

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