Air Temperature

I have read enough to believe that this relatively rapid rise in the release of carbon dioxide is harmful to the equilibrium that the earth has enjoyed for 10 or 20 million years.

Once upon a time, the average temp of the earth was warmer than is has been in the recent past.  The reason the Age of Mammals took the shape it did was because there were billions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) locked up, underground, in the earth in the form of crude oil and coal.  The flora and fauna adapted to the local climate, which is why we don’t see polar bears swimming of the coast of Panama.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the human animal has been releasing more CO2 than has been getting locked up in trees.

So here we are, 7 Jul 12.  Here is the high today for the last three places that I have lived (1988 – 2012).

  • Harrisburg, Illinois  62946        104 degrees
  • Creal Springs, Illinois  62922    106 degrees
  • Piqua, Ohio                      45356    102 degrees

These temps (and we had over 3200 new highs set last month) have a devastating effect on all forms of human and animal activity.

For example, most factories are not air conditioned.  They may have large fans to circulate the air but 100 degrees mean adjustments in the production line would need to be made so workers can adequately hydrate themselves and dispose of the excess.

What about construction workers?  I mean they can start early, but they will have to quit real early.  Anyone who works outside will end up with heat related stress to their body.

The food supply.  Well the price of food will undoubtedly go up.  Laying hens produce eggs.  The barns that hold the chickens are not air conditioned.  Fans are used here also.  Production will plummet in plus 100 degree temps.  Some farmers raise chickens for meat.  Twelve weeks to market?  Not any more.

The same for hogs who are much more sensitive to the heat than either chickens or cows.  A hundred years ago sows would have their young out in the woods.  It was a relatively cool place.  Now all hogs are raised in confinement.  Hogs have no natural way to cool them selves.  They do not sweat.  In nature they would find a mud hole and wallow in it.

Beef cattle.  Some large feedlots can hold 20,000 beef cows in confinement pens.  No shade.  Besides the odor from tons of cow droppings, that gets knee deep (on the cow), it will take longer for the steer to grow to the 1100 lb market weight.

Some dairy farms have 5,000 cows to milk, twice a day.  Heat, again, will reduce production.

Crops in the field.  In west Ohio, the wheat crop ripened about 3 weeks ahead of normal.  And the corn fields all show signs of heat/drought stress.

There is no human or animal activity that will not be affected by this new “normal” in the temperature.

The vast majority of farms in the middle west (Ohio through Iowa) where the bulk of the corn and hogs are raised in the US, do not currently have the capacity to irrigate field crops (corn & soybeans) or install mist irrigation for the live stock.

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