Two Party

The United States has a 2-party system.  It worked for 180 years – or so.  But beginning in the 1960s and rapidly accelerating after St. Ronnie was elected, the 2-party system began to unravel.  After WW2, politicians would “reach across the aisle” to work with their peers from the other party – and things got done.

The economic mess we are in did not cause the problem.  But it may exacerbate it.  The contentiousness and incivility have reached new highs, at least it seems so.

The radical right is constantly working to undermine good order in order to defeat the left.  One would think that the “war on women” would backfire against them.  But they are making it harder to vote by trying to disenfranchise women, students, minorities and the elderly.

Once the left thinks they have ‘won’ something, the right will work for 30 years to undo it.  And they will attack from a way that is completely unexpected.  The right will lie in public, as O’Keefe did in his ACORN press release, FOX news will pick up and broadcast the lie and the legislature will take knee-jerk action in response.

Out of 649 million ballots cast there were less than 15 cases of voter fraud.  But, now we need a picture ID card instead of the comparing of the signature on record with the current signature.

The 2-party system has ceased to work for the benefit of country and it is too late to change it.

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One Comment on “Two Party”

  1. Good post! I agree with you, the financial crisis did not cause the mess but has made it much worse.

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