Political Insensitivity

Mitt Romney is a very smart person.  Very, very smart.  Getting into any law school is hard.  The max score on the test required by all law schools (LSAT)  is 180.  I have it on good authority that Harvard Law has rejected people with a 180.

Just to get into Harvard Law is difficult.  The bottom 20% (approximately) of each class either drops out or is not invited back for the second year.  When the law profs grade the exams, it is done anonymously.  The student test taker copies down the 4-digit number on the test booklet.  When the grades are posted, s/he looks for the number and they will see their grade to the right of it.

So Mitt graduated from Harvard Law.  At the same time he completed an MBA at Harvard.  It is way beyond my comprehension how difficult it is to complete both of those degrees at the same time.

Having said that I think that he is in the top one-percent of the top one percent.

But when it comes to politics, he is either stupid or tone deaf.  What can they be hiding that is worse than the contortions that Mitt is trying to go through now.  He comes off as hiding something.  Like they say, it isn’t the event, it is the cover-up that’ll get you.

From commenter Bill B. at mahablog


Note:  Maha has a lot of good links here.

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