When will W. Mitt Romney accept responsibility?  Will he ever accept responsibility?

First, the Boston Globe reports that, despite his denial, Romney actually was the CEO and 100% share owner of Bain Capital until 2002.  Romney is trying to duck responsibility for being the owner of Bain while going concerns that Bain had acquired, were forced to file for bankruptcy after Bain loaded them up with debt.

Now, after a public promise of ‘transparency’ regarding the Salt Lake City Olympics, it seems as if all the records were destroyed as soon as the Olympics ended.  Of course, that was not Mitt’s fault.  Didn’t happen on his watch.

Yeah.  Right.

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2 Comments on “Responsibility”

  1. I can tell you from experience that there is a difference between being a shareholder and being in active management. debunked the Globe story, as have several other news organizations. And there’s no mention of the Olympics records being destroyed in your article.

    If you want to criticize Romney, criticize him for something he actually did. This is like the Obama birth certificate controversy – meaningless.

  2. Chief Says:

    Sorry. I screwed up. I have inserted the correct link.

    There is a big diff when you own 100 sh of a company that has 100 million shares out. But not when one owns 100% of the stock of a company worth, maybe. a half billion.

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