Republican Lies

I am reading Molly Ivins’ Who Let The Dogs In.  From page 90 of the 1st edition copyright 2004 is a piece titled Newt that was originally published in May 1996.

When a New York Times poll in October 1995 showed that almost two-thirds of the American people did not favor the proposed Republican tax cut, Gingrich went ballistic.  “This poll is a disgraceful example of disinformation.  What we get are deliberately rigged questions that are totally phony.”  Gingrich wants to cut $270 billion from Medicare while giving out $245 billion in tax cuts that would significantly benefit those who make more than $200,000 a year.  He is extremely sensitive about using the word cut in relation to Medicare.  He says he is only slowing the rate of growth in order to “save” Medicare.

Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster, concluded in a memo that the only way to cut Medicare was to scare people into thinking it was going broke and then claim to save it.  Of course, when Democrats objected to the proposed $270 billion cut, the Luntz strategy did not prevent our man Newt from saying,  “Think about a party whose last stand is to frighten eighty-five-year-olds, and you’ll understand how totally morally bankrupt the Democratic Party is.”

Although many of Gingrich’s critics would like to think he merely pops off all the time, in fact both his use of certain language and repetition of certain ploys are quite deliberate, Connie Bruck, writing in The New Yorker, cites “polarization and oversimplification” as hallmarks of Gingrich’s rhetoric.

Change the name Gingrich to either Romney or Ryan and it could’ve been written this morning.

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