Good News

Mrs. Chief got a call from our oldest, T, saying that she got a job.  Super.

Back story:

T. will be 50 this fall.  When she was beginning school in the late sixties and into the early seventies, she had a lot of difficulty and teachers wanted to have her repeat grades.  We said no.  She graduated from high school on time, got married et cetera.

What we eventually found out, and her teachers never new, was that T had one or more learning disabilities.

Eventually, T received, first an Associate Degree, then a Bachelors degree in Media Relations and, this spring, a Masters degree in Special Education.  But she had no ‘education’ classes at the undergrad level and did not get the endorsement that would allow her to sit for the state certification test to be a classroom teacher that should come with the Masters.

Today, she went to a job interview at a small rural school district.  The interviewers were the principal and the teacher for which the Teachers Aide would be working.  They seemed so pleased with her credentials and her answers, that the teacher told that she would teach T how to manage a classroom so she could take the test to be a certified teacher.

And the school has no one on staff that is a Special Ed teacher.

Having suffered through the indignities of having an un-diagnosed learning disability, T has become especially good at working with young children.

Mrs. Chief and I are so proud of her.

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