Business Men

I hold a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree.  I have never worked as a “business man” as such.  I have worked as an accountant.  But I do have a unique insight into what makes a business man tick by virtue of the degree and a lifetime spent observing them.

Most of what I have done is observe, both businesses, in general, and business men, in particular.  I have found out that most business men are not particularly bright.

I have also come to the conclusion that most bankers are not particularly bright either, but that’s a post for another day.

Back to business men – enshrined in law or regulation, going back to the time of WW1, is a rule that says that a publicly owned company must be operated to maximize shareholder wealth.  In other words, the CEO cannot operate a public company to, say benefit society or the employees.

A company must do all that it legally can do to increase the price of each share.

Dem’s da rules.

And that is all Mitt Rmoney has done.  When he closed down a steel mill in Kansas City or another plant in Muncie, IN, poor ol’ Mitt was just increasing (his) shareholder value.

Was it moral?  Business has no morals.  Business is cold-hearted, make money, what are you doing for me now.

Theologians are concerned with morals.  If you want morals, see a priest or a rabbi.

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