Deeply Held Beliefs

When I hold an apple or some other relatively heavy object in mt hand, turn my hand ‘palm down’ and open my hand, the apple falls to the ground.  Call this the Law of Gravity, the Theory of Gravity or what ever you want to call it, the apple still falls to the ground.

This, from pretty much sums up my feelings (no offense intended to anyone who believes differently than I)

Subject:  Questions About God

I am the founder of the Church of Reality. The Church of Reality is a religion based on making a solemn personal commitment to the pursuit of the understanding of reality the way it really is.
I am committed to believe in anything that actually exists. Science is my Bible. In my life the desire to understand reality is sacred to me. Reality comes first in my life and my moral values are based on the axiom the the pursuit of the understanding of the universe, the way it really is, has value.

To me – Reality and Truth are the same thing.

My questions to the Faith Based Community is, assuming that the above statements are my sincerely held religious beliefs, will God reveal himself to someone like me? Can one find God on the path of the pursuit of the understanding of reality? Is it possible for me to find God in the real world where God is observable by non-believers? If not – why not?

Can a Realist find God without having to give up putting reality first?
Or – is belief without evidence a requirement?
Marc Perkel

Remember what Archie Bunker said?
“Faith is when you believe in something that nobody in their right mind would believe in.”

It has taken a long time to find someone who both eloquently and succinctly expresses my feelings.

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