A Thought

I was watching the Melissa Harris-Perry show today and she was talking with the Mayor of Charlotte, NC, Mr. Anthony Foxx, a Black man.  It got me to thinking.

Besides the President and the afore mentioned Mr. Foxx, I know of two other Black officials elected to high office, the Governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Deval L. Patrick and the Mayor of Newark, NJ, Mr. Cory Booker.

Of course everyone has heard President Obama speak and I watched two seasons of Brick City,  which was about Newark and prominently featured Mayor Booker.  Listening to Mr. Foxx explain the rationale for Charlotte going after the Democratic National Convention and the expected return to the city and North Carolina, it finally dawned on me what is going on.
These men are educated.  They speak in full sentences. They do not speak in the vernacular.  No ghetto talk.  Mr Booker is a Rhodes Scholar.

The person that Clint Eastwood was supposed to be representing at the Repub Convention was an older, angry, white man that  just has a high school diploma.

Those men, now in their sixties and seventies, did what was expected of then.  Graduated high school, some did one enlistment in the military, came back home and worked for Fruehauf Trailer or some other company that went bankrupt, then got a lower paying job at another manufacturing company and saw that job move overseas and they are bitter.

They cannot seem to see that they should be mad at Romney and all the financial whizzes that did leveraged buy outs, that caused the company for which they worked to go belly-up.

No, they believe Rush and Glen, without thinking.  And of course, it is Obama’s fault.  “He is different from us,” they think not realizing that black people bleed when they get cut and cry when they are hurt.

And as I write this, and have realized for a long time that those led by Limbaugh and Beck are voting against their own interests when they vote Republican, I realize that an educated black man scares the hell out of these older white high school grads.

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