So, from what I have read, Romney spoke of his 5-point plan (my bolds)

History will not remember Mitt Romney’s speech, except possibly for the back-to-back interruptions by protesters on opposite ends of the hall shouting “people over profits” and the out-of-thin-air promise that Romney would create 12 million jobs in his first presidential term. His five-point plan to save small business—“small business” is code for “big business” in Republican speeches—involved school vouchers, balancing the budget, lowering taxes and regulations, killing Obamacare, and drilling for oil in America, which he promised would create energy independence by 2020.

And he got cheers for the “drilling for oil in America” part.  Bu, apparently the audience does not understand that what ever oil is drilled for “in America” will be sold to the consumer at the going market rate.  The oil will be the property of Valero or Exxon-Mobil or, gawd forbid, BP.  Actually, it does not matter where on the planet the oil comes from, it will be sold for the ‘going rate’ in the market place.

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