Can Romney “Work Well” With Others?

For at least fifteen years, Mitt Romney was the “boss” at Bain as he was the only shareholder and he was the CEO.  There is no evidence on what type of “boss” he was.  But from watching him for several years now, including  during the primaries and at the convention, he does not strike me as a boss who collaborates with subordinates when making a decision.

Romney strikes me as a person who analyzes a situation, makes a decision and then gives orders.

I do not view The Presidency as the type of job where one can be successful if one does not use his ears and work with lots of subordinates.  And, The President must interact with the country, with those he governs.

I don’t see Mitt Romney doing that.

Well, I mean, I do not actually see him winning the General Election.  But, if by chance, he got the required number of electoral votes and was inaugurated next January 20th, I see him similar to President Bush 2 without the political skills of Bush 2.

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