Why . . . ?

Over the last three plus years there have been times when I have been deeply disappointed in some of President Obama’s decisions.  Some of his choices/decisions I felt were too far to the right.  President Obama was trying to appeal to all sides of the political spectrum.  And, in an effort to get the country moving forward, that might have been a good policy choice.

For, you see, we had never, not in the history of the country,  seen the opposition not only vote against their own ideas but actually talk about ideas that had previously put forth by prominent Republicans, is such harsh and derogatory  terms.

The Affordable Care Act, derisively know as Obamacare, was developed by then Senator Bob Dole, between 1990 and 1993.  The Dole plan was an alternative to Hillary-Care.  Yet in 2009, the same essential plan was derided as ‘socialism.’

The DREAM Act was introduced  in the U.S. Senate over eleven years ago as a bi-partisan bill.

And in 2010, even though the DREAM Act bill passed the house, it could not gain the 60 votes needed in the Senate to over come cloture.  This is a Republican idea introduced in 2001 by an uber conservative Republican Senator, Orrin Hatch of Utah, that in 2010 could not gain 60 votes.

Above are just two of the several Republican ideas, adopted and put forth by Obama and the Dems that were ripped to shreds by Republicans in the House and/or filibusters in the Senate.

So, if these two ideas were good enough to be put forward and supported by Republican leaders, what is wrong with the same ideas when put forth by a Democrat?

Could it be the color of that Democrat’s skin?

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