The Draft ?

I found an interesting and provocative piece at a place named SpouseBuzz at

It begins

In an interview aired early this month on WYNCJesse Jackson said it’s time to bring back the draft.  Live from the recent Democrat National Convention, he argued that because many of them don’t have offspring in today’s Armed Services, our representatives in Washington are out of touch with the military.

His solution?  Bring back the draft.

The United States has lost its’ National Focus.  We, as a nation, need some sort of National Service as a way for all citizens to have an interest, and a say, in the Public Square.

And a military draft could/should be an option, and a large part of, a plan for National Service.

When I was in the Navy, in the 60s & 70s, there was no difference between those who joined voluntarily and those who joined because the draft was breathing down their neck.

A draft would cause the federal government to pay attention because a senator or congress critter might have a son or grandson in the military and potentially in harms way.

Some form of service so young people would get the idea of working for the common good.

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