Anti-Romney comments from here & there on the web

Romney’s biggest problem is that he’s always been the boss and never the worker. As CEO and business owner his voice was never silenced and ideas never challenged. People did as he said without question or, as he said, he liked firing them. Mitt’s arrogance might be successful in private industry and quite possibly even as President but it is not successful when running a campaign. Explanations are not something Romney is accustomed to providing and, as in this instance, when providing them he often further inflames the situation. It is difficult, if not impossible, for Romney to talk to common people because he simply cannot relate to them.

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The old liberal media argument, eh? It’s a nice piece of fiction that plays to the Red base just like the argument that anyone who disagrees with them MUST be lazy and on welfare. The fact of the matter is that Republicans picked a bad candidate and will continue to do so until the radical, splintered nature of the modern GOP is somehow reconciled. Between the tea screamers and the religious social agenda there’s not much room for a candidate to emerge as a practical problem solver.

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Except that dirtbag O’Keefe purposely mislead the people he was trying to capture.  In fact, some of the things he captured on video were people “playing along with” his plot.  One ACORN employee claimed she murdered her husband on an O’Keefe video but was just “playing along” with him and later went to the police about him.

And the scumbag O’Keefe also tried to trick a female CNN reporter into getting on his “loveboat,” full of champagne and sex toys, but she didn’t fall for it.

In this case, Romney wasn’t tricked or goaded into anything.  He responded to a valid question of an apparent supporter who wanted to know how Romney was going to change the polls because the polls were showing 47% or so were going to vote for Obama.  Without any trickery, Romney responded that that 47% are in effect “moochers,” a term the Republicans often use to describe those who want to be catered by the government “cradle to grave.”

Romney did this to himself.

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