The Essence of “Bigness”

At 0515, it is still very dark here in Miami County, Ohio.  Very dark.  My buddy, Molly, our 55 pound rescue dog, wakes me because she needs to relieve herself.

So, we are in the front yard.  Even though there is light pollution from farm lights less half mile to a mile away, I can still see many, many stars.  I find the Big Dipper and the North Star and muse on the idea that in a thousand or two years from now the relation of those stars will have changed, largely because stare are rapidly moving farther away from the point where the Big Bang took place.

The estimate of when the Big Bang took place is 13.5 billion years ago, give or take a few million years.  So the width of this ever-growing sphere is about 27 billion light years.  This is beyond my comprehension.  I understand the meaning of all the words.  I understand what they are supposed to mean.  I cannot get my mind around the subject.

And in this spherical space-time universe are billions and billions of galaxies.  The Milky Way galaxy, in which our sun and solar system exist, has an estimated 200 billion stars.  Not to be repetitive but, this is beyond my comprehension.

If there are billions and billions of galaxies each with hundreds of billions of stars .  .  .

Well, I cannot get my head around that idea.  Beyond me.

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