This Behavior is Expected

Republicans, even supposedly conservative Republicans will take “free” money from the federal government whenever they can.

From Veteran’s Today web site

When it came to opening a new health center in his own congressional district, Republican Paul Ryan—yes, the same one who is denouncing Obamacare around the country—wrote to the Federal department of Health and Human Services begging for bucks.

While GOP vice-presidential hopeful Ryan today savages Obamacare as “irresponsible,” an editorial in the Nov. 1 The Nation magazine reports that on Dec. 10, 2010 Congressman Ryan wrote HHS “to recommend a grant application for the Kenosha Community Health Center Inc. to develop a new facility in Racine, Wis., an area within Ryan’s district.”

In his letter, Ryan declared, “The proposed new facility, the Belle City Neighborhood Health Center, will serve both the preventative and comprehensive primary health care needs of thousands of new patients of all ages who are currently without health care.”

“The grant Ryan requested was directly funded by the Affordable Care Act,” the magazine pointed out. The Nation’s editorial said Ryan’s letter “is a stark reminder that even the most ardent opponents of Obamacare privately acknowledge many of the law’s benefits.”

This does not surprise me.  Just another hypocrite in action.

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One Comment on “This Behavior is Expected”

  1. G Says:

    Hypocrite? Nah.

    Although I admire when politicians refuse federal money as a show of principle, I don’t expect all politicians to take the same stand. Especially since that money is going to be given to someone, you might as well attempt to get as much of it for your constituents as possible, since it is they who you represent.

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