Military – Food Stamps

This is interesting

Under current law, military members who are eligible for food stamps receive up to $500 per month in the form of a supplemental subsistence allowance. Section 603 of the actl includes a provision to increase the maximum amount to $1,100. Families receive just enough (up to the maximum) to make sure they don’t qualify for food stamps.

To make sense of this, one must understand how the military works.  From my Navy experience, okay?

In the Navy that I joined in 1958, a person had to “request permission” before he could get married.  I did request that permission before I got married in 1961.  I suppose that rule was in effect to ensure that the sailor was responsible enough and was making enough money.  I mean some sailors would “fall in love” with a lady they’d met at a bar just outside the main gate.

And if one was single, they lived aboard ship and ate in the chow hall.

That was then.

Today, permission is not required and a lot of junior enlisted are married.  And even though military pay is substantially greater than it was 50 years ago, so is everything else pricier.   As recently as the 1980s, my son-in-law stationed in Brooklyn, NY with a wife, my daughter, and two children, as a BU1 (E-6) was eligible for food stamps.

Well, I guess somebody was embarrassed that we paid our service people so little that they qualified for food stamps that they changed the 2010 Defense Authorization Act as noted above.

To bring this full-circle, on 17 Sep David Corn at Mother Jones released a secret video taken at a Romney fund raiser in May 2012.  From that video, I quote (from a David Corn update):

Yet one sentence did stand out to me. When Romney was in mid-rant about the 47 percent—simplistically and erroneously conflating three subsets of Americans: those who voted for Barack Obama, those who receive some form of government assistance, and those who pay no federal income taxes—he said:

I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

These are the men and women putting their lives on the line for Romney that Romney is saying they should “take personal responsibility.

Mr. Romney is truly despicable.

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