Resigned – BS – It Is The Message

NRO has this article up.  First off this line is just wishful thinking by the head-buried-up-rectum crowd

In fact, what Americans seem to want is more polarization, not less.

Secondly, it is not the candidate, Mitt Romney.  It is the message.

The public in Massachusetts loves Romneycare.  The parts of Obamacare that have been implemented have been received with very positive feelings.

Medicare is loved by everyone who has it as their primary health care policy.*

Same-sex marriage and abortion are Tea Party/social conservative positions that are held by a small minority of Americans.

Americans want the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

Republican governors such as Sam Brownback in Kansas, Governor McDonnell in Virginia, Governor Bryant in Mississippi and many others have attacked women’s health care and reproductive rights with a vengeance, in effect saying that women are not capable of making important decisions regarding their own body.

Mitt Romney may be a stiff, wooden candidate.  All right he is stiff and wooden.  But it is not about Romney.  It is about the policies described above that the American voter does not want to rush back to.

* Full disclosure:  Mrs. Chief and I both have Medicare as our primary health care.

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