The First Time

When something ‘big’ happens, for the first time, it is unprecedented.

  • FDR being re-elected for a third term.
  • Geraldine Ferraro being the vice-presidential nominee.
  • Madeleine Albright first female Secretary of State.
  • Barack Obama being the first person of color elected President.

Now that we are “used” to the idea, the concept of a Black president, now that that ground has been plowed, the next time it will be more about the policies than about the color of the candidates skin.

A lot of people who voted for McCain just because they could not conceive of a black man as president, will look at the job Obama has done and base their decision on whom to vote for on things other than the color of his skin.

As a nation, we just had to get over that bump.  We see a happy smiling First Lady with two happy daughters.  We see POTUS as a decision maker and a committed husband and father.  We accept this picture as being normal.

And we become a better nation because of it.

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One Comment on “The First Time”

  1. Good Deed Says:

    Looks like racism problems are emerging on this elections, or I misunderstood?

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