McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 6

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  This is page 13 of the document, still part of the Executive Summary.






  • Romney says he changed his mind on abortion meeting with Harvard stem cell researcher – Romney claims the doctor said scientists “kill” embryos after 14 days, but doctor later said Romney “mischaracterized my position.”
  • Months after his “conversion,” Romney stated his commitment to upholding Massachusetts’ abortion laws and appointed pro-choice judge to state district court.
  • In October 2005, Romney signed bill expanding family planning services, including abortion counseling and morning-after pill.
  • In December 2005, Romney “abruptly ordered his administration to reverse course … and require Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception medication to rape victims.”
  • Romney health insurance plan expanded access to abortion, required Planned Parenthood representative on state panel.
  • Romney endorsed legalization of abortion pill RU-486 access during his 1994 Senate race and backed federal funding of abortion, saying “I think it’s important that people see me not as a pro-life candidate.”
  • In 1994 and 2002, Romney confirmed his support for Roe v. Wade decision and forcefully positioned himself as pro-choice in 1994 Senate race, saying “you will not see me wavering on that.”
  • Romney has refused to comment on bill pending in South Carolina legislature requiring that abortion doctors offer pregnant women option of viewing ultrasound.


Gay Rights

  • Romney endorsed Rep. Barney Frank’s Employment Nondiscrimination Act in 1994.
  • In 1994, Romney called “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy first step toward having gays and lesbians “able to serve openly and honestly in our nation’s military” and said he would provide “more effective leadership” on gay rights issues than Ted Kennedy.
  • In 2003, Washington Times reported Romney “would support a Vermont-style civil union law in Massachusetts.”
  • As governor, Romney said health coverage benefits and hospital visitation rights should be provided to gay couples.
  • Romney promised to make gay partnership benefits a “hallmark of my leadership as governor” and has said he would attend gay weddings if invited.
  • Romney publicly opposed Boy Scouts’ ban on homosexuals in 1994 and 2002 campaigns.
  • In 2002, Romney backed hate crimes legislation that included sexual orientation provisions.
  • In 2007, Romney praised gay parent who confronted him over gay marriage issue, but in 2005 remarked to South Carolina audience that some gay couples “are actually having children” and called it “wrong.
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