Debate 2

This was a decision for the President on points or on rounds depending on the scoring system in use in your state.

On a 10 round or 10 question basis, I give the President, maybe 7 for his side, one for the Governor and two were a draw.


On the Energy issue, Romney made three factual blunders, of which I can only recall two.

Energy independence – never happen.  The price of crude oil, whether drilled in Saudi, the North Sea or in North Dakota is dependent on the market.  If the USA could get all of the crude oil it needs from North America, it would not change the world price and the world price is what Exxon-Mobil will get.

Second:  Ethanol is not a renewable resource.  The inputs to grow corn to convert to ethanol are very expensive.  With out government subsidies, farmers will not grow as much corn.


The Keystone XL pipeline is to carry tar-sands oil.  This is actually sand that has some oil in it.  It is so thick that it will not flow like crude oil.  If tar sands oil was coming out of  BP’s Deepwater Horizon well, it would not have fouled the Gulf of Mexico.   That’s how thick it is.

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