McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 15

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  Pages 27 – 34  had two documents of different font size, one overlaying the other.  This post begins at the bottom of page 38 and ends at the top of page 43.  (Update:  I ended at the top of page 43)

I have bolded the first word in each entry for ease of reading.


Romney Once Advocated That Public Companies And Government Agencies Be Required To List Women And Minority Employees By Salary Level To Identify And “Break Through” Glass  Ceiling.

In 1994, Romney Wanted Companies To Report Numbers Of Women And Minorities Hired In Order To “Break Through” The Glass Ceiling.

“Asked about affirmative action and discrimination, Romney said that there definitely was a ‘glass ceiling’ holding back women and minorities and that ‘I believe that public companies and federal agencies should be required to report in their annual 10K the number of minorities and women by income group within the company so we can identify where the glass ceiling is and break through it.’”

(Jonathan Last,“Romney: Seriously Great, But With Baggage,”  The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/21/07)

Romney’s Bain & Co. And Bain Capital Did Not Have Affirmative Action Programs.

“Romney acknowledged that Bain & Co. and Bain Capital do not have affirmative action programs or an organized outreach to minorities and women. He said the Bain consulting firm in particular recruited from the elite business schools, which, he said, graduate only a handful of minorities and women.”

(Frank Phillips, “Romney Is Yet To Be Tested In Politics,” The Boston Globe, 5/9/04)

As Governor, Romney Issued Executive Order Expanding But Renaming State Office Of Affirmative Action, Which Critics Claimed Effectively Watered Down The Office’s Mission In 2003, Romney Issued Executive Order Renaming Office Of Affirmative Action And “Broadening Its Mission To Include The Creation Of A Work Force Reflective Of Massachusetts’ Demographics.”

“Gov. Mitt Romney issued an executive order Tuesday expanding the state Office of Affirmative Action and broadening its mission to include the creation of a work force reflective of Massachusetts’ demographics and ‘responsive to the Commonwealth’s citizens.’ The renamed Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity will be charged with creating a workplace ‘that welcomes, respects and values people of abilities, cultures, nationalities, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic background and veteran’s status.’”

(“Governor Creates New Office To Improve Work Force Diversity,”  The Associated Press, 6/17/03)

Romney:  “My administration is committed to assembling a state government workforce that reflects the fabric of our community … We will work hard to ensure that our administration recruits and retains talented individuals for all backgrounds at every level of government.”

(“Governor Creates New Office To Improve Work Force Diversity,”  The Associated Press, 6/17/03)

Romney Executive Order:

“Whereas securing diversity, non-discrimination and equal opportunity shall be the policy of the Executive Branch of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in all of its decisions, programs and activities…”

(Gov. Mitt Romney, “Governor’s Diversity And Equal Opportunity Initiative,”Executive Order)

Romney Executive Order:

“Whereas, the Executive Branch of State Government recognizes the importance of Affirmative Action, equal opportunity and diversity in State employment and State business…”

(Gov. Mitt Romney, “Governor’s Diversity And Equal Opportunity Initiative,”Executive Order)

Romney Executive Order Eliminated Office Of Affirmative Action And Created Office Of Diversity And Equal Opportunity.

“Romney’s executive order eliminates the state’s Office of Affirmative Action, putting its functions in a newly created Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity. He said in a statement released in June  that the move was aimed at broadening the mission of the state’s outreach efforts.”

(Rick Klein and Yvonne Abraham,“Affirmative Action System Overhauled,”  The Boston Globe, 8/28/03)

After Criticism, Romney “Promised To Reinstate Elements Of The State’s Longstanding Diversity Policies.”

“Seeking to quell harsh criticisms of his affirmative action overhaul, Governor Mitt Romney yesterday promised to reinstate elements of the state’s longstanding diversity policies that he effectively eliminated by executive order earlier this summer. Romney, in his first public comments on the executive order he signed two months ago, said he never intended to water down the affirmative action guidelines, some of which were established 20 years ago by then-governor Michael S. Dukakis.”

(Yvonne Abraham, “Romney Says He Will Alter Diversity Plan,”  The Boston Globe, 8/29/03)

Romney Spokesperson Nicole St. Peter:

“The governor has had a strong commitment to affirmative action.”

(Yawu Miller, “Coalition Calls For Changes To Romney Affirmative Action Plan,”

Bay State Banner, 7/1/04)

Romney: We’re Trying To Increase “The Number And The Percentage Of People From All Backgrounds And Ethnic Heritages In State Government.”

ROMNEY: “If there’s anything in the regulation which was issued that needs to be amended with old language from the prior regulations, we’re happy to do that … There’s nothing we’re trying to eliminate. We’re only trying to build upon what’s been done in the past with a new, more effective effort in increasing the number and the percentage of people from all backgrounds and ethnic heritages in state government.”

(Yvonne Abraham, “Romney Says He Will Alter Diversity Plan,”  The Boston Globe, 8/29/03)

Romney Executive Order Eliminated Punitive Measures For Failure To Follow Laws, Ended Role Of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination In Disputes.

“Romney’s order nullified earlier governor’s orders calling for punitive measures, such as hiring freezes and closer supervision, against state departments that do not use hiring practices consistent with the goals of affirmative action. It eliminated the explicit role of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in state employee hiring disputes. It also replaced the state Office of Affirmative Action with a new Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.”

(Yvonne Abraham, “Romney Says He Will Alter Diversity Plan,” The Boston Globe, 8/29/03)

Romney Order “Superseded” Dozens Of Other Affirmative Action Regulations.

“The Romney order also revoked requirements that departments provide ongoing diversity training programs. His order includes no discussion of how affirmative action must be applied in the awarding of contracts by the state; it revoked a requirement that all private health care facilities licensed by the state comply with nondiscrimination policies in patient admissions. Dozens of other affirmative action regulations were also superseded.”

(Yvonne Abraham, “Romney Says He Will Alter Diversity Plan,” The Boston Globe, 8/29/03)

Romney: “I Welcome The Opportunity To Recommit The Commonwealth To Affirmative Action And The Bedrock Principles Of Fairness And Equality.”

“As governor, I welcome the opportunity to recommit the commonwealth to affirmative action and the bedrock principles of fairness and equality. With these principles as our guide, the promise of Massachusetts will remain unlimited for years to come for all of our citizens. If genuine diversity and equality are to thrive in the executive branch, it will be because the right climate has been created.  We want to move beyond simply valuing diversity to understanding that diversity is valuable.”

(Howard Manly, Op-Ed,“To Mitt, `Minority’ Means Republican,” Boston Herald, 6/1/04)

Romney Campaign Claims He Now Opposes “Quotas And Preferences”In May 2007, Romney’s Campaign Said He Did Not “Support Quotas Or Preferences.”

“Most recently, in Michigan in 2006, Connerly set out to prove the Supreme Court ‘got it wrong’ in 2003 when it upheld the constitutionality of the University of Michigan Law School’s use of race ‘as one of many factors’ to achieve student diversity. … Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has not spoken publicly on the Michigan initiative, but his campaign says he ‘does not support quotas or preferences.’”

(Jennifer Rubin, “Propositioning The States,”  The Weekly Standard, 5/7/07)

Romney:  “I’ve appointed approximately 60 judges, one or two of whom… one of whom I’m quite confident is gay, the other may be gay as well.  I think he probably is, and there may be more for all I know.”

(Interview with Marc Ambinder, “Romney Explains Himself,” National Journal, 2/9/07)

[Marianne] Hinkles Is An “Openly Gay” Judge.

(Laura Kiritsy, “Romney Fires Another Gay,” Bay Windows, 7/20/06)

Hinkles Is A Member Of Dignity/USA, An Organization Of Gay And Lesbian Catholics.

(Raphael Lewis, “Romney Jurist Picks Not Tilted To GOP,”  The Boston Globe, 7/25/05)

DignityUSA Vision Statement:

“DignityUSA envisions and works for a time when Gay, Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Catholics are affirmed and experience dignity through the integration of thei spirituality with their sexuality, and as beloved persons of God participate fully in all aspects of life within the Church and Society.”

(DignityUSA Website,, Accessed 2/21/07)

[Stephen] Abany Is An “Openly Gay” Judge.

(Laura Kiritsy, “Romney Fires Another Gay,  ”Bay Windows, 7/20/06)

Abany Is A Former Board Member Of The MA Lesbian And Gay Bar Association.

(Raphael Lewis, “Romney Jurist Picks Not Tilted To GOP,” The Boston Globe, 7/25/05)

Abany Organized Opposition To Bill That Would Have Outlawed Same-Sex Marriage.

In May, Romney selected for a district court judgeship Stephen S. Abany, a former board member of the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association who organized the group’s opposition to a 1999 bill to outlaw same-sex marriage.

(“Republican Governor Leans To Dems When Selecting Judges,”  The Associated Press, 7/25/05)

Romney Noted Liberal Tilt Of State Bench Days Before Nominating Abany.

Two days before nominating Abany, Romney “was lamenting the liberal tilt of the state’s bench, telling Fox News that, ‘ourcourts have a record here in Massachusetts, don’t they, of being a little blue and being Kerry-like.’”

(Raphael Lewis, “Romney Jurist Picks Not Tilted To GOP,”  The Boston Globe, 7/25/05)

Abany Told Man To Obey Police And Then “Sue The Pants Off Them.”

“Even if you are being treated unfairly by police,  Judge Stephen Abany told Richard Sorell, you must still obey the officers – but then ‘you sue the pants off them.’”

(Julie Manganis, “Bewitched Statue Protester Files Civil Rights Suit,”Salem News, 7/28/06)

Romney Appointed Commissioner Of Controversial State Agency To Judgeship Romney Appointed Department Of Youth Services Commissioner Michael Bolden – Who Repeatedly Defended Troubled Agency – To Seat On Boston Municipal Court.

“Gov. Mitt Romney nominated the state’s youth services commissioner Wednesday to become an associate justice at the Boston Municipal Court, after three years leading an agency that often found itself caught up in controversy. If approved by the Governor’s Council, Michael Bolden will become a judge in the court’s Roxbury division.”

(“Massachusetts News In Brief,”  The Associated Press, 12/8/04)

Department Record: 100 Attempted Suicides In Two Years By Teens In Agency’s Care.

“In March,Bolden found himself defending the agency after a published report revealed that 100 teenagers in the care ofhis department had attempted suicide in the preceding two years, and two had succeeded. Bolden said that his staff is trained to prevent suicides, but cannot prevent all of them.”

(“Massachusetts News In Brief,”  The Associated Press, 12/8/04)

One Employee Was Allowed To Remain On The Job After Strip Searching 13-Year-Old Boy.

“In July,the issue was a DYS employee who was allowed to continue working in a Worcester juvenile jail for nearly two months after he allegedly conducted a sexually humiliating strip search on a 13-year-old boy.”

(“Massachusetts News In Brief,”  The Associated Press, 12/8/04)

Bolden Allowed Release Of 130 Juvenile Offenders To Make A Political Point.

“The short-lived decision by the Department of Youth Services to release 130 offenders on the alleged grounds of budgetary insufficiency without telling [Gov. Jane Swift’s] office was, calculated or not, a huge insult. She was negotiating a $6.4 million supplemental appropriation with cooperative legislative leaders to cover the money gap, and her staff says the leadership of DYS knew it. Commissioner Michael Bolden and his boss, Health and Human Services Secretary Robert Gittens, apparently wanted us to believe that money was so short they immediately had to close 164 beds, 14 percent of residential capacity. But to order 130 kids let loose with 88 percent of the fiscal year remaining, and roughly that much of the available money unspent, is an insult to everyone’s intelligence…”

(Editorial, “DYS Fiasco Insults Our Intelligence,”Boston Herald, 8/16/02)

During ‘02 Campaign, Boston HeraldUrged Romney To Fire Bolden If He Won Office.

“If Mitt Romney wins the Corner Office, he should tell these two [Bolden and former HHS Secretary Robert Gittens] not to submit resumes.”

(Editorial, “DYS Fiasco Insults Our Intelligence,” Boston Herald, 8/16/02)

 Romney Appointed Woman Who Called State Police “Storm Troopers”Romney Appointee Renee Dupuis Called State Police “Storm Troopers.”

“But now Gov. Mitt Romney,preparing to run for president as a conservative Republican, is trying to appoint as a judge a woman who in a sworn 2001 deposition referred to the Rhode Island State Police as ‘storm troopers…’ This is from Renee[Dupuis’] statement: ‘All he did was scream and yell and rant and rave that he was showing up . . . with the Rhode Island state police. . . . He called my mother, who is 67 years old, and terrorized her that he was going to show up with the storm troopers from Rhode Island.’”

(Op-Ed, Howie Carr, “Mitt’s Pick Courts Controversy,”  Boston Herald, 8/7/05)

Dupuis Allegedly Threatened She Would Shoot Her Ex-Husband, Saying She Would Be Better Off If He Was Dead.

“A top Bristol County prosecutor up for a juvenile court judgeship allegedly recently told her ex-husband she should ‘just shoot’ him as their bitter custody battle rages in Plymouth Probate and Family Court,records show.  State police Sgt. Barry J. Domingos claimed that his ex-wife, former homicide prosecutor Renee Dupuis, said:  ‘We would be better off if you were dead. I should just shoot you’ according to a June 6 affidavit reviewed by the Herald.”

(Maggie Mulvihill, “Claims Probed In Judge Pick; Appointment On Hold,”  Boston Herald, 8/9/05)


Romney Selected From Pool Of Nominees Forwarded To Him By Nonpartisan Judicial Nominating Commission, After Which Governor’s Council Voted Nominee Up Or Down
State’s Nonpartisan Judicial Nominating Commission – Reformed And Centralized By Romney Himself –Forwarded Romney Resumes From Which To Select Nominees.
“Romney won praise in the legal community when he replaced regional judicial nominating committees that were viewed as politically tainted with a centralized Judicial Nominating Commission. The commission considers applicants using a ‘blind’ first phase of the selection process that removes names from applications in an attempt to ensure the candidates will be judged on their merits.”
(Raphael Lewis, “Romney Jurist Picks Not Tilted To GOP,” The Boston Globe, 7/25/05)
Nominees’ Qualifications Also Rated By Joint Bar Committee.
“[A]ll of Romney’s nominees have been submitted to a Joint Bar Committee on Judicial Nominations, which rates candidates as qualified, well-qualified, or unqualified and each has been found to be either qualified or well-qualified.”
(Raphael Lewis, “Romney Jurist Picks Not Tilted To GOP,”  The Boston Globe, 7/25/05)
After Romney Picked Nominee, Candidate Needed Approval From Democrat-Dominated Governor’s Council.
“After Romney nominates the candidate, the pick must be approved by the Governor’s Council, where Democrats hold eight of nine seats.”
(Raphael Lewis, “Romney Jurist Picks Not Tilted To GOP,”  The Boston Globe, 7/25/05)
Romney Issued Executive Order Designed To Combat Patronage – Then Later Waived I

Romney Waived His Own Executive Order For “Emergency” Nomination Of Previously Rejected Judge Claiming Emergency Vacancy, Romney Waived His Own Executive Order To Appoint Henry Rigali To Juvenile Court.

“Gov. Mitt Romney has named a lawyer to the Juvenile Court without approval from the current Judicial Nominating Commission, bypassing a complex system that was designed to combat patronage and favoritism in judicial picks. Citing a vacancy that was ‘seriously hampering the court’s ability to keep up with its caseload,’ Romney nominated Springfield attorney Henry L. Rigali for a seat on the Hampden County Juvenile Court, waiving a provision in his own Executive Order 466 that would have required Rigali’s approval by the JNC within the last 18 months in order for the nomination to be allowed.”

(Melissa A. Murphy, “MA Governor Bypasses Selection Process With Judicial Pick,”  Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, 8/1/05)

Rigali Already Had Been Rejected For Superior Court Judgeship In The Past.

“Rigali, who has already been rejected for a superior court judgeship, has been slammed for a lack of experience and for wrongfully convicting a Springfield man. His nomination also has been questioned because Romney waived some application rules for him.”

(Dave Wedge, “Objections Raised Vs. Romney Bench Nominees,”  Boston Herald, 8/10/05)

Rigali Nomination Was Eventually Withdrawn Over Controversy Surrounding Romney Bypassing Nomination Process.

“When Rigali’s well-publicized nomination was later withdrawn amid controversy that the governor had bypassed the judicial nominating process, most assumed that another candidate would be named shortly. But now, almost 20 months after the position first opened, the judgeship remains unfilled…”

(David Frank,“Vacancy On Hampden Juvenile Court Has Lawyers And Judges Miffed,”  Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, 2/13/06)

Romney Nominated Lawyer Who Defended Drunk Driver And Child Rapist Dominic Paratore Called Sentence Of Six Years For His Client, A Drunk Driver Who Killed Standout High School Student, “A Little Bit Harsh.”

“A high school dropout whose drunken death-defying dash up Route 1 on Christmas night 2001 killed one of the top high school students in the country was sentenced yesterday to spend at least the next six years behind bars … ‘I think it’s a little bit harsh,’ defense attorney Dominic Paratore said. The maximum sentence [Brendan] Murphy could have received was 15 years. ‘He was celebrating with friends and made a bad choice,’ Paratore said.”

(Laurel J. Sweet, “Wakefield Man Gets Six Years For DUI Death Of Star Student,”  Boston Herald, 3/17/03)

Paratore Also Defended An Accused Child Rapist, Calling Him “A Hard-Working Kid.”

“A Wilmington man pleaded innocent yesterday to charges he raped two girls repeatedly, sexually assaulted a third and fed alcohol and drugs to a fourth over the past six years. ‘He’s a hard-working kid who’s never been in trouble with the law before,’ [Andrew] Ventre’s attorney, Dominic Paratore, said. ‘His employer supports him. His mother and family are supporting him.’”

(Jose Martinez, “Man Pleads Innocent To Child Rape Charges,”  Boston Herald, 1/15/00)

Romney Appointed Judge Seen As Easy On Criminals Mitchell Sikora Sentenced Woman Whose Speeding Car Killed A Police Officer To Probation And Community Service.

“After Garland pleaded guilty yesterday to negligent motor vehicle homicide, speeding and driving to endanger, Sikora continued her case without a finding for four years. During that time, she will be on probation and will be required to perform 2,000 hours of community service.”

(David Weber, “Driver Who Killed Cop Could Drive In Six Months,”  Boston Herald, 4/6/02)

Sikora Allowed Same Woman To Reapply For Her Driver’s License In Six Months.

“In 2002, Sikoracleared the way for a woman who pleaded guilty to running down and killing Medfield police officer DanielMcCarthy, 38, to reapply for her driver’s license in six months. Rita Garland served no prison time for motorvehicle homicide and reckless driving.”

(Laurel J. Sweet And Howie Carr, “Nominee Faces Judgment Day,”  Boston Herald,11/21/06)

Sikora Acquitted Man Accused Of Killing Woman With Date Rape Drug.

“In 2004, Sikora engendered thewrath of the family of a Carver woman, Jacqueline O’Donnell, when during a bench trial he acquitted the manaccused of accidentally killing her with a date-rape drug.”

(Laurel J. Sweet And Howie Carr, “Nominee Faces Judgment Day,”  Boston Herald, 11/21/06)

 Romney Nominee Failed To Disclose Past Sexual Harrassment Reprimand, Asked Female Coworker For Lap Dance. Housing Court Magistrate Nominee Stephen Carreiro Was Reprimanded For 2 Incidents Of Sexual Harrassment, A Fact He Withheld From The Judicial Nominating Commission.

“A nominee for the lifetime post of Southeast Housing Court clerk-magistrate was hammered by the Governor’s Council yesterday for failing to disclose he’d been written up for sexual harassment. The two incidents, which Carreiro also withheld from the Judicial Nominating Commission, allegedly occurred six years ago in the Housing Court’s Brockton office. A female housing specialist, who continues to work with Carreiro, first assistant clerk-magistrate, complained in writing to her supervisor that in the presence of two other male assistant magistrates, Carreiro, who is 52 and married, ‘indicated he would like me to accompany him to the Foxy Lady . . . at lunch time.’ ‘Mr. Carreiro further suggested that I should perform either a “lap” or “table” dance at this establishment,’ the woman wrote. Less thana month after that alleged encounter, on Oct. 23, 2000, she said Carreiro again invited her to join him at the strip club. After investigating, now retired Clerk Magistrate Carlton Viveiros stuck a reprimand in Carreiro’s file.”

(LaurelJ. Sweet, “Blast From Past Hits Magistrate Nominee,”  Boston Herald, 12/6/06)

Romney Withdrew Carreiro’s Nomination Without Comment.

“Governor Mitt Romney abruptly withdrew his nomination of a Freetown lawyer for a top magistrate’s position in the Housing Court yesterday, hours before as scheduled confirmation vote. In recent days, Romney had refused to say whether he stood by Stephen G.Carreiro, his nominee for clerk magistrate of the court’s Southeast Division, after disclosures that Carreiro had been reprimanded for asking a female court employee to give him a lap dance.”

(Michael Levenson, “Romney Withdraws Court Nomination Pick Was Cited For Sexual Remark,”  The Boston Globe, 12/14/06)

 Romney Nominated Well-Connected Candidates, Many Of Whom Had Liberal Credentials Romney Nominee Marianne Hinkle Served As An Aide To Former Gov. Michael Dukakis (D).

(Mitt Romney,Letter To The Executive Council, 1/12/05)

Romney Superior Court Nominee Merita Hopkins Served As Chief Of Staff To Boston Mayor Tom Menino(D).

(Russell Nichols and Kathleen Burge, “Romney Names 4 Women To Bench,”  The Boston Globe, 4/27/06)

Hopkins Received Letter Of Recommendation From Sen. Ted Kennedy.

(Sen. Ted Kennedy, Letter To TheGovernor’s Council, 5/15/06)

 Romney Nominee C. Jeffrey Kinder Listed Involvement In Association Of Trial Lawyers Of America(ATLA) On His Resume.

(Mitt Romney, Letter To The Executive Council, 7/19/06)

Kinder Also Contributed To In 2004.

(Mitt Romney, Letter To The Executive Council, 7/19/06)

Romney Nominee James J. McGovern Listed Involvement In Association Of Trial Lawyers Of America And The Massachusetts Trial Lawyers Association On His Resume.

(Mitt Romney, Letter To The Executive Council,7/19/06)

Nominee D. Lloyd McDonald Formed Republican Group Backing Democratic Legislative Candidate In1994.

“In another case of cross-party support, Suzanne Ianella and D. Lloyd Macdonald have formed a Republicans for Demakis committee in support of the Democrat, Paul Demakis. A total of 24 Republicans in the8th Suffolk District have signed on. In a joint statement, Ianella and Macdonald said Demakis would ‘provide forceful leadership on the quality-of-life issues affecting our neighborhood – issues that are neither Democratic nor Republican, nor liberal nor conservative.’”

(Michael Kenney, “18th Suffolk Race: A Lost Choice,”  The Boston Globe, 10/30/94)

Romney Nominee Andrew Grainger Was Business Consultant With Ties To Bain & Co.

“Andrew R.Grainger, 58, of Boston, who hasn’t tried a case since 1996, also worked as a consultant for Bain & Co. Inc., abusiness where Romney was an executive. Bain … hired Grainger’s firm, Centerline Consulting Inc., which he ranbetween 1996 and 1998, to advise them on legal expenses … Romney selected Grainger after passing over alineup of experienced Massachusetts lawyers and judges in 2004 even though they had been approved byRomney’s Judicial Nominating Commission.

(Maggie Mulvihill, “Skipper Passes Mitt’s Muster,”  Boston Herald, 3/17/0

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