McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 16

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  Pages 27 – 34  had two documents of different font size, one overlaying the other.  This post begins at the middle of 43 to the bottom of 44.

I have bolded the first word in each entry for ease of reading.


Romney Submitted Former Clinton Impeachment Defender For Federal Judgeship Romney Recommended Lawyer Henry Moniz, Who Defended President Clinton During Impeachment, For Spot On Federal Bench.

“Governor Mitt Romney has recommended 13 Massachusetts candidates, including several with strong Democratic backgrounds, for consideration by the White House for a federal judgeship in Boston. … The list includes … Henry T. A. Moniz, a lawyer of Cape Verdean descent with the Boston firm Bingham McCutchen, who helped represent President Clinton during the impeachment proceedings…”

(FrankPhillips, “Romney Sends White House 13 Choices For US Judgeship,” The Boston Globe, 4/11/03)

“[Moniz] Was One Of Only Seven Attorneys Nationwide Chosen To Join The Democratic Counsel To The Judiciary Committee Of The U.S. House Of Representatives During The Inquiry Of President Clinton’s Impeachment.”

(“40 Under 40: Henry T.A. Moniz,”

The Boston Business Journal, 11/2/01)

“Moniz Advised And Assisted Democratic Members Of Congress During The Inquiry On The Impeachment Of Former President Clinton.”

(Georg Szalai, “Viacom Stresses Radio Standards,” The Hollywood Reporter,2/20/04)

 Moniz Worked For Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), Who Now Advocates Impeaching President Bush.

“Seeing the country headed toward pre-impeachment hearings … Moniz wrote to Conyers, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. ‘I begged for an interview,’ he said later … ‘Being someone who’s not politically connected, I feel very fortunate to have this position and I owe it all to Congressman John Conyers,’ Moniz said.”

(Jean Laquidara Hill, “Local Prosecutor Lands Hearings Role,” Telegram & Gazette [Worcester, MA], 12/20/98)

Romney Also Appointed Moniz To A Special Gubernatorial Panel On Capital Punishment.

“After months of research and deliberation, a panel appointed by the governor has come up with a way that capital punishment can be instituted in Massachusetts without the risk that an innocent person could be executed, Romney administration aides say. The Governor’s Council on Capital Punishment is in the final stages of preparing itsreport, the aides said. … The panel includes … Henry T.A. Moniz, a lawyer with Bingham McCutcheon in Boston…”

(Frank Phillips, “Report To Back Death Penalty,” The Boston Globe, 4/22/04)

Romney Recommended Prominent Democrat Donor For Seat On Federal Bench In 2003, Romney Suggested Worcester Attorney Michael Angelini For A Federal Judgeship.

“President Bush is looking for a nominee for a federal judge who could be the next one to sit on the bench in U.S. District Court in Worcester. Michael P. Angelini, chairman of Bowditch & Dewey, is the only Central Massachusetts lawyer on a list of 14 names the governor has sent to Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry. … While Mr.Romney reaches out to Democrats, there is a question whether President Bush would overlook Mr. Angelini’s contributions to Democratic candidates over the years.”

(Lee Hammel, “Angelini On Short List For Judgeship,” Telegram & Gazette[Worcester, MA], 4/3/03)

I skipped some tables that would not cut n’ paste well.

Romney Appointed Strong Democrat As Berkshire County District Attorney Romney Considered Republicans, Ultimately Chose Democrat To Fill Berkshire County Vacancy.

“Republican Gov. Mitt Romney on Friday appointed career prosecutor David Capeless, a Democrat, to be interimdistrict attorney for Berkshire County, replacing Gerard Downing, who died suddenly in December. … Romney,who had also considered Republican candidates, said Capeless would provide continuity for the office, whichcurrently has three first-degree murder cases pending.”

(“Romney Appoints New Berkshire District Attorney,” The Associated Press, 1/30/04)


Romney Said Confederate Flag In South Carolina Is A State Issue To Be Decided By Local Officials Romney Believes Flag Controversy Is State Issue.

“A former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, has rarely faced the flag question on the campaign trail so far, but a campaign spokesman confirmed yesterday that Mr. Romney believes it is a state issue.”

(Russell Berman, “Flag Of Dixie Divides GOP Candidates,” New York Sun, 4/12/07)

“Confederate Flag: [Romney] Said It’s A State Issue That Should Be Decided By South Carolinians.”

(“Where The Candidates Stand,” The State, 2/11/07)

Romney Would Accept Invite To Speak At Bob Jones University Romney Would Be “Happy” To Speak At Bob Jones University.

“Romney sat down with WPDE-TV in Myrtle Beach, SC 11/28. … Romney also said he would accept an invite to address Bob Jones University if invited. Romney: ‘I’m happy to speak to virtually any audience that’s willing to listen to me.’”

(The Hotline, 11/29/06)

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