McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 24

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  Pages 27 – 34  had two documents of different font size, one overlaying the other.  This post begins  in the middle of page 80  and ends in the middle of page 86.

I have bolded the first word in each entry for ease of reading.


In December 2006, Romney Visited Tsinghua University, Audience “Snickered” At His Remarks.

“Governor Mitt Romney’s week long trip to Asia took him to the renowned Tsinghua University here yesterday, where he fielded questions from a sometimes skeptical audience of students and sketched out his views on China’s emergence as a world power. … ‘The question is, for China, how will you use that power? And it is our hope that that power will be used to encourage peace and stability in the world,’ Romney told a small group of mostly business school students. ‘And … my experience with my own country is this: We make mistakes as a country;every country does. Mistakes in information, mistakes in judgment. But never mistakes in purpose. America’s purpose, I believe, has always been to help people, to expand their freedom, and to expand their prosperity and their hope.’ But the audience snickered.”

(Jehangir S. Pocha, “Romney Tries Political Hand In China,”  The Boston Globe, 12/9/06)



Romney’s Trip To Asia Was Seen As Effort To Boost Foreign Policy Credentials For Presidential Campaign.

“Romney, a one-term governor who is likely to seek the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, is traveling to China, Japan, and South Korea on a trip widely seen as an attempt to add to his foreign policy credentials.”

(Jehangir S. Pocha, “Romney Tries Political Hand In China,” The Boston Globe, 12/9/06)



Under Romney, Massachusetts Maintained Office And Consultant In Shanghai.

“The state is among more than 20 with an office in China, and the Bay State employs a consultant based in Shanghai. But the consultant also works with Mississippi, Wisconsin and Minnesota, suggesting a potential dilution of resources at the state level.”

(Mark Hollmer, “Mass. Risks Missing Boat To China,” Boston Business Journal, 11/20/06)


As Governor, Romney Focused On China To Get Foreign Policy Experience For Campaign.

“Some political observers view Romney’s interest in Asia through the prism of presidential politics. Romney, like many governors,is short on foreign policy experience. In the post-Sept. 11 world, it may be especially important for Romney to plug that hole in his resume, and speaking publicly and confidently about China might help him do it.”

(Scott S.Greenberger, “Romney’s Focus On China Fuels Political Guessing,” The Boston Globe,5/31/05)


“Romney Said The United States Should Protect Intellectual Property Rights, Persuade China To Float Its Currency, And Push Beijing To Eliminate Trade Barriers That Block American Products.”

(Scott S.Greenberger, “Romney’s Focus On China Fuels Political Guessing,” The Boston Globe,5/31/05)


Romney Made Veiled References To Human Rights Abuses During Visit To Massachusetts By Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

“Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao praised growing trade ties between Chinese and Massachusetts companies and sampled farm-fresh vanilla ice cream during a series of appearances with state politicians and executives around the region yesterday, including a stop on behalf of China’s largest shipping line as it begins talks to renew an agreement with the port of Boston. … Officials including Governor Mitt Romney andBoston Mayor Thomas M. Menino made some veiled references to human rights issues, such as when Romney mentioned the ‘brisk exchange of goods and ideas’ between the two nations at the luncheon.”

(Ross Kerber, “Premier Embraces Ties With State,” The Boston Globe, 12/11/03)



Romney Made “Extraordinary Plea” To International Olympic Committee To Consider China For Olympic Games Despite Human Rights Abuses.

“Salt Lake City’s chief Olympic organizer made an extraordinary plea Wednesday for Olympic officials to consider Beijing’s bid to host the 2008 Games on its technical merits and not be swayed by critics of China’s human-rights policies.  Salt Lake Organizing Committee president Mitt Romney said the International Olympic Committee should take advantage of a ‘very unique time in history’ when superpowers are at peace by helping to open China to the world.”

(Larry Siddons, “Salt Lake City Olympic Organizer Urges IOC To ‘Build Bridges’ With China Bid,”The Associated Press, 7/11/01)



Romney:  “The Olympics are about building bridges, not building walls … We should not build walls that block communication with other countries, even if we vehemently disagree with their practices.”

(Larry Siddons, “SaltLake City Olympic Organizer Urges IOC To ‘Build Bridges’ With China Bid,” The Associated Press, 7/11/01)



Romney:  “They have practices, as reported in the media, that violate my sense of human rights, but we should not build walls even if we vehemently disagree with many of their practices … Building bridges increases the possibility for spreading the ideas of civil societies.”

(Margaret Coker, “In Home Stretch, Beijing Remains Front-Runner For 2008 Games,” Cox News Service, 7/12/01)



Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  Criticized Romney’s “Naivete” On Policy Toward China, Calling Him “Romney Of The Rose-Colored Glasses.”

“After a trek to Asia, Mr. Romney is convinced Chinese officials do not aspire to bury us, as did the former Soviet Union. China counts on a strong U.S. economy as a market for its goods, he told the Trib. But might Romney of the rose-colored glasses entertain the possibility that the new China, still inhabited by dedicated Marxists, has learned a lesson from the old Soviet Union’s errors? That cajolery, flattery and economic war are the preferred weapons against a superpower? The ‘competition’ between the U.S. and China is framed by sharply inconsistent world views and hence is deeply political and strategic. … Against this backdrop,however, Mitt Romney says we can engage the Chinese in a partnership for peace. Peace? On whose terms?”

(Editorial, “The China Equation: Romney’s Naivete,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/2/07)



Romney Backs U.S. Embargo On Cuba, Refers To Fidel Castro And His Regime As “Monsters”Romney Supports The Current U.S. Embargo On Cuba.

“Romney declared he supported the current U.S.embargo on Cuba to avoid enriching Cuban President Fidel Castro, a Communist dictator he accused of disrupting peace and stability in the region.”

(Glen Johnson, “Romney Airs Spanish-Language Ad In Advance Of Florida Visit,” The Associated Press, 3/6/07)



“‘I Look Forward To The Day When The Stain Of Castro Is Finally Washed From The Soil Of Cuba,’ Romney Said.”

(Erik Schelzig, “Fred Thompson Urged To Make ‘08 Run,” The Associated Press, 3/10/07)


Romney Wants To Have A Latin American Strategy To Improve Economic Ties and Rebuild Trust With Cuba.

“At a dinner for Miami-Dade County Republicans, the former Massachusetts governor spoke about supporting the U.S. embargo with the island nation. He also called for a ‘Latin American strategy’ to improve economic ties, rebuild trust with countries in the region.

(Erik Schelzig, “Fred Thompson Urged To Make ‘08 Run,” The Associated Press, 3/10/07)


Romney Called Castro “A Monster.”

“Targeting his message to the Latin American and Cuban-American Republicans who dominated the crowd, he called Cuban leader Fidel Castro ‘a monster.’”

(Brian E. Crowley, “Romney Launches Early Fla. Push,” Palm Beach Post, 3/10/07)



Romney: “As President, I Will Stand Side-By-Side With The Members Of This Community In Fighting The Menace Of The Cuban Monsters.”

(Beth Reinhard, “Romney Dodges Immigration Issue In South Florida,” McClatchy Newspapers, 3/10/07



In March 2007, Romney Incorrectly Used Slogan Made Famous By Fidel Castro In Miami Speech To Cuban-American Activists Romney Mistakenly Invoked Trademark Castro Phrase “Patria O Muerte, Venceremos” As Belonging “To A Free Cuba.”

“People chuckled when presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon raised in Michigan and elected in Massachusetts, bungled the names of Cuban-American politicians during a recent speech in Miami. But when he mistakenly associated Fidel Castro’s trademark speech-ending slogan – Patria o muerte, venceremos! –with a free Cuba, listeners didn’t laugh. They winced. Castro has closed his speeches with the phrase – in English, ‘Fatherland or death, we shall overcome’ – for decades.”

(Beth Reinhard, “Presidential Candidate Bungles Speech In Miami,” Miami Herald, 3/19/07)



“The Phrase, Which Means ‘Fatherland Or Death, We Shall Overcome,’ Was Bellowed As A Political Speech Sign-Off By The Dictator For Decades.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald,3/20/07)



WSVN-TV’s Dave Kartunen: “Actually, That Phrase Belongs To Fidel Castro.”

WSVN’s DAVE KARTUNEN: “McCain shared a familiarity with the [Bay of Pigs] vets that was painfully lacking two weeks ago when former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney made his play for Cuban hearts and votes while addressing the Miami-Dade Republican party.”

ROMNEY: “Hugo Chavez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase. Excuse me with my pronunciation: ‘Patria o muerte, venceremos.’ It does not belong to him, it belongs to a free Cuba.’”

KARTUNEN: “Actually, that phrase belongs to Fidel Castro.”

(WSVN’s “Channel 7 News At 5:30,” 3/21/07)



CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “When Cuban-American Republicans Heard Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Speak In Miami, Many Say They Thought They Were Listening To Fidel Castro.”

(CNN’s “The Situation Room,”3/21/07)



Associated Press Noted That “Unlike Romney, Castro Would Switch To English” To Deliver Trademark Line.

“In truth, the phrase does not belong to free Cubans. It has been the trademark speech making sign-off of their most despised opponent, Fidel Castro. And unlike Romney, Castro would switch to English to declare,‘Fatherland or death, we shall overcome.’ The mistake pointed up Romney’s newness to the scene and the freshness of some of his positions.”

(Glen Johnson, “Romney Works Through Checklist,” The Associated Press, 3/26/07)



CNN’s Mary Snow: Romney Made Impression On Cuban-American Group By Using Castro’s Catch Phrase, “Just Not The Kind He Wanted.”

“Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was trying to make an impression with Cuban-American Republicans in Miami earlier this month. He made one – just not the kind he wanted. After using a communist catch phrase made famous by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, the crowd took notice.”

(CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 3/21/07)



Snow: “Romney Was Speaking To A Packed House, But His Attempt To Sound Familiar, Say Some Cuban-Americans, Fell Flat.”

(CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 3/21/07)



Invocation Of Castro Slogan Was Not The Only Mistake Romney Made During Speech Romney Called Florida State House Speaker Marco Rubio (R) “Mario.”

“At another point in the speech to the Miami-Dade Republican Party, Romney bungled the names of prominent Cuban GOP politicians, referring to Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio as ‘Mario.’”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



Romney Also Mispronounced The Names Of U.S. Reps. Lincoln And Mario Diaz-Balart (R).

“State Rep.Rene Garcia, for one, said he was ‘unimpressed.’ The Hialeah Republican grimaced when Romney called the state House Speaker  ‘Mario Rubio’ – his first name is Marco – and mispronounced the names of U.S. Reps. Mario and Lincoln Diaz-Balart. ‘He used the Cuba issue way too much,’ Garcia said. ‘I don’t want to judge a man based on one speech alone, but it bothered me that he didn’t get the names right.’”

(Beth Reinhard, “Presidential Candidate Bungles Speech In Miami,” Miami Herald, 3/19/07)



Romney “Punctuated” His Speech With Line Made Famous In Movie “Scarface,” Prompting Concerns Over Stereotyping Of Cuban Immigrants.

“Romney punctuated his speech with ‘Libertad, libertad, libertad!’ to show his support for freedom in Cuba. But to some, he was echoing a line from Scarface, a movie notorious for its stereotyped portrayal of Cuban immigrants.”

(Beth Reinhard, “Presidential Candidate Bungles Speech In Miami,” Miami Herald,3/19/07)

Local Activists Were Not Pleased By Romney’s Error-Filled Remarks Cuban-American Activists Described As “Steaming Mad” Over Romney’s Botched Speech In Miami.

“Cubans in Miami are steaming mad at former Gov. Mitt Romney for shooting his mouth off in stumbling Spanish, mispronouncing names and erroneously associating a notorious Fidel Castro-spewed Communist catch phrase with freedom fighters. Politicians in South Florida have lashed out at the former Massachusetts governor and2008 presidential hopeful for describing the socialist saying ‘Patria o muerte, venceremos’ as ‘inspiring’ and for claiming the phrase was swiped from liberty-seeking Cubans by leftist admirers of Castro.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)


“Ana Navarro, A Miami-Based Former United Nations Ambassador Who Was At The Event, Called TheQuote ‘A Mistake’ By ‘An Empty Suit.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



Navarro Called Romney’s Remarks “Wrong … Offensive … Inappropriate.”

“[Romney] was just parroting words that had been prepared for him, and he obviously does not know enough to know that these words are wrong and are offensive and are just inappropriate.”

(CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 3/21/07)


State Rep. Rene Garcia (R) Said Romney Needed To Be “A Little Better-Prepared” And Had “Left A Negative Taste.”

“[State Rep. Rene] Garcia said Romney was ‘ill-advised’ to mention the saying at all, especially speaking in Miami, the epicenter of the Cuban-American struggle. ‘When you come into our community, you should be a little better-prepared,’ Garcia said, adding that the incident ‘left a negative taste with local officials.’”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



Prominent Cuban-Americans Strenuously Disagreed With Repeated Assertion By Romney And His Aides That Phrase “Belongs To A Free Cuba”Days After Speech, Romney Campaign Still Maintained Phrase “Belongs To A Free Cuba.”

“Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said of the flap: ‘The point is, the phrase belongs to liberators, not oppressors. Itdoesn’t belong to Fidel Castro. It doesn’t belong to Hugo Chavez. It belongs to a free Cuba.’”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



“Cuban Politicians Fumed That The Term Was Coined By Castro’s Regime And Has Always Been A Communist Catchphrase.”

“Romney said the phrase ‘does not belong’ to Castro and should be returned to ‘a free Cuba.’ … Despite Romney’s explanation, Cuban politicians fumed that the term was coined by Castro’sregime and has always been a Communist catchphrase. ‘Whoever prepared him or advised him on this particularsubject didn’t do a good enough job,’ [Hialeah City Council President Esteban] Bovo said.”

(Dave Wedge, “Romney Takes Heat In Florida,” Boston Herald, 3/21/07)


The Phrase “Has Always Been A Communist Rallying Cry … It Represents The Very Essence Of Fidel Castro’s Oppressive Regime.”

“‘Hugo Chavez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase – Patria o muerte,venceremos,’ Romney said. ‘It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba.’ But scholars and prominentCubans contend the saying has always been a Communist rallying cry and that it represents the very essence ofFidel Castro’s oppressive regime.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



University Of Miami Professor Jaime Suchlicki: “It Belongs To Fidel … I Don’t Know Where [Romney]Got That.”

“‘Hugo Chávez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase – Patria o muerte, venceremos,’ Romneysaid. ‘It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba.’ No, it doesn’t, said University of Miami ProfessorJaime Suchlicki. ‘It belongs to Fidel,’ said Suchlicki, an expert on Cuban history. ‘I don’t know where[Romney] got that.’”

(Beth Reinhard, “Presidential Candidate Bungles Speech In Miami,” Miami Herald, 3/19/07)



State Rep. Rene Garcia (R): “It Means Communism. It Means Fidel Castro … It’s A Communist CatchPhrase.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



Cuban Scholar Sandra Levinson: “[It] Was Never A Cry Of The Old Cuba.”

“Sandra Levinson, executivedirector of the Center for Cuban Studies in New York City, said the Castro quote ‘was never a cry of the old Cuba’ and was coined by Castro and his supporters.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,” Boston Herald,3/20/07)



Activist Ana Navarro: “It’s A Fidel Castro Phrase. I’ve Never Heard It From Anyone Other Than FidelCastro Or Members Of His Government.”

(Dave Wedge, “Mitt’s Commie Phrase Sparks Rage,”Boston Herald, 3/20/07)



Romney Praised Plan By Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez To Provide Low-Income Massachusetts Residents With Discounted Heating Oil, Declined To Criticize Chavez In 2005, Romney Praised Plan By Venezuelan Government And Hugo Chavez To Provide Americans With Subsidized Oil.

“The first deliveries of cheap Venezuelan heating oil to cash-strapped Massachusetts residents will not arrive for weeks, but the deal involving President Hugo Chavez already is generating political heat on both sides. … Tensions have run high recently between Bush and Chavez, a self-styled socialist who assails American-style capitalism and has branded Bush a ‘madman.’ … Venezuela’s Citgo Petroleum Corp. promoted its plan to offer 12 million gallons of cut-rate oil this winter with the headline: ‘How Venezuela is Keeping the Home Fires Burning In Massachusetts.’”

(Andrew Miga, “Venezuela’s Deal To Provide Cheap Oil To Some In Mass. Draws Heat,” The Associated Press, 12/1/05)



At The Time, Romney Pronounced Himself “Delighted” With Plan, Declined To Criticize Chavez.

“Governor Mitt Romney yesterday hailed the accord, though he declined to discuss Chavez. ‘I’m delighted to hear we’ll be  able to purchase oil at a lower price than the market for our citizens,’ he said.”

(Raja Mishra, “Fuel Pact Defended At Local Signing,” The Boston Globe, 11/23/05)



Romney Offered Thanks To “All Of Those Around The World Working To Get Lower-Priced Energy To Us.”

“Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican like President Bush, cheered the agreement during a Statehouse news conference, saying, ‘I want to say thanks to Congressman Delahunt and all of those around the world working to get lower-priced energy to us.’”

(Mark Jewell, “Venezuela To Provide Discounted Heating Oil To Massachusetts,” The Associated Press, 11/22/05)



Plan Called “Political Move” By Chavez “Designed To Compromise The White House’s Domestic Position” And Extend His Influence In The World.

“The plan in Massachusetts is ‘eminently a political move’ designed to compromise the White House’s domestic position, said Patrick Esteruelas, an analyst with the NewYork-based Eurasia Group. He said it was also a way to emphasize what Chavez has long cited as the failings of U.S. policy. The initiative is part of a larger effort by Chavez to use Venezuela’s surging oil wealth to extend the country’s influence.”

(Mark Jewell, “Venezuela To Provide Discounted Heating Oil To Massachusetts,” The Associated Press, 11/22/05)


Chavez Is Accelerating Energy Showdown With United States Over Venezuela’s Massive Oil ReservesChavez’s Plan To Seize Control Of Venezuelan Oil Projects From Western Companies Augurs Potential“Showdown” Over Energy Fields.

“With President Hugo Chávez setting a May 1 deadline for an ambitious plan to wrest control of several major oil projects from American and European companies, a showdown is looming here over access to some of the most coveted energy resources outside the Middle East. … [T]his confrontation could easily end up with everyone losing. the biggest energy companies could be squeezed out of the most promising oil patch in the western hemisphere.”

(Simon Romero and Clifford Krauss, “High Stakes: Chávez Plays The Oil Card,” The New York Times, 4/10/07)



Energy Consultant Michael J. Economides: Chavez Bigger Threat To U.S. Energy Security Than Saddam Hussein Ever Was.

“We are on a collision course with Chávez over oil … Chávez poses a much bigger threat to America’s energy security than Saddam Hussein ever did.”

(Simon Romero and Clifford Krauss, “High Stakes: Chávez Plays The Oil Card,” The New York Times, 4/10/07)



Chavez Currently Spearheading Government Takeover Of  Oil Field So Large “It Could Give The Country More Reserves Than Saudi Arabia.”

“Mr. Chávez recently decreed that Venezuela would take control of heavy oil fields in the Orinoco Belt, a region southeast of Caracas of so much potential that some experts say it could give the country more reserves than Saudi Arabia. The United States Geological Survey describes the area as the ‘largest single hydrocarbon accumulation in the world,’ making it highly coveted despite Mr. Chávez’s erratic policies.”

(Simon Romero and Clifford Krauss, “High Stakes: Chávez Plays The Oil Card,” The New York Times, 4/10/07)




April 2007: Romney Echoed John Kerry’s Past Calls For International “Summit” On Islamic World Romney Said One Of His First Acts As President Would Be “Summit Of Nations” On State Of Islamic World.

“As one of my first acts as President, I would call for a Summit of Nations. In addition to the United States, the convening countries would include moderate Islamic states and other leading developed nations. The objective of the Summit would be to create a worldwide strategy to support Muslim nations and peoples, in their effort to defeat radical, violent Jihad.”

(Mitt Romney, Remarks At George Bush Presidential Library Center, College Station, TX,4/10/07)



John Kerry In 2003: “I Will Immediately Convene A Summit” To Discuss “A Long-Term Strategy To Build Bridges To The Islamic World.”

“As president, I will work aggressively to rebuild the relationships frayed and shredded by the Bush administration, particularly with our NATO allies. I will immediately convene a summit with European and world leaders to discuss a common anti- terrorism agenda, including a collective security framework and a long-term strategy to build bridges to the Islamic world.”

(Sen. John Kerry, Remarks To Council OnForeign Relations, New York, NY, 12/3/03)



Kerry:  “I know I can do a better job in Iraq, where I have a plan to have a summit with all of the allies, something this President has not yet achieved, not yet been able to do to bring people to the table.”

(Sen. JohnKerry, Presidential Debate, Coral Gables, FL, 10/1/04)



Kerry:  “I’m going to hold that summit. I will bring fresh credibility, a new start, and we will get the job done right.”

(Sen. John Kerry, Presidential Debate, Coral Gables, FL, 10/1/04)



Kerry:  “The President should convene a summit meeting of the world’s major powers and Iraq’s neighbors,this week, in New York, where many leaders will attend the U.N. General Assembly.”

(Sen. John Kerry, Remarks InNew York, NY, 9/20/04)



Kerry:  “What we need now is a President who understands how to bring these other countries together to recognize their stakes in this. … But this President hasn’t even held the kind of statesman-like summits that pull people together and get them to invest in those stakes.”

(Sen. John Kerry, Presidential Debate, Coral Gables, FL,10/1/04)



April 2007: Romney Called For Nuclear Trafficking Initiative That Resembled Proposal By Liberal Princeton Scholar. Romney Wants To Appoint Ambassador At-Large For Nuclear Proliferation.

“Republican Mitt Romney would appoint an ambassador-at-large to prevent nuclear terror if elected president, arguing that avoiding a terrorist attack with unsecured nuclear weapons should take on heightened urgency in the United States. The Republican candidate … says such a person would have the authority and resources to cross agency and departmental boundaries, ensuring nonproliferation strategies are coordinated at home and abroad.”

(Glen Johnson, “Romney Favors Ambassador To Deter Nukes,” The Associated Press, 4/25/07)



Romney Would Push International Effort To Make Nuclear Trafficking “A Crime Against Humanity, On APar With Genocide And War Crimes.”

“Further, I would promote an international initiative to develop a new body of international law that would make nuclear trafficking a crime against humanity, on a par with genocide and war crimes,’ according to a text of Romney’s remarks provided to The Associated Press.  ‘By allowing for universal jurisdiction, charges can be brought up in any court preventing traffickers from hiding in complicit or weak countries.’”

(Glen Johnson, “Romney Favors Ambassador To Deter Nukes,” The Associated Press, 4/25/07)



Princeton Graduate School Dean Anne-Marie Slaughter, In March 3 Op-Ed: Nuclear Trafficking Is “Crime Against Humanity” That “Merits A Place … Alongside Genocide And Other Evils.”

“[W]e should make the illegal transfer of nuclear materials a crime against humanity triable by international tribunals and by national courts in every country … Making nuclear transfer a crime against humanity captures the enormity of the offense and would dramatically increase the cost of getting caught. Nuclear transfer threatens the lives of millions of people. It merits a place in infamy alongside genocide and other evils.”

(Anne-Marie Slaughter and Thomas Wright, Op-Ed,“Punishment to Fit the Nuclear Crime,” The Washington Post, 3/2/07)



Speculation Exists That Slaughter “Could Become Secretary Of  State In A DemocraticAdministration.”

“In a recent speech in San Diego, retired Adm. Bobby Inman said President Vladimir Putin seized control of the Yukos oil firm not just because its owner engaged in politics, but because Putin wanted the Russian state to control the energy industry. … Also speaking was Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Princeton dean, who some say could become secretary of state in a Democratic administration.”

(David Gaddis Smith,“Russia Superpower Status Linked To Oil, Ex-CIA Official Says,” The San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/4/07)



SlaughterDonated $1500 To Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign In March 2007.

“Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law School, is thus far the most popular candidate for donations from University employees. … Obama received $2,250 from a total of

four contributors, including Dean of the Wilson School Anne-Marie Slaughter ‘80, who donated $1,500 in lateMarch…”

(Angela Cai, “Obama Has Most Faculty Donations,” The Daily Princetonian, 4/20/07)
Slaughter Has Recommended Setting Withdrawal Deadline In Iraq.
“Slaughter recommended setting a withdrawal deadline – perhaps the end of 2008, as Democratic candidate Barack Obama has suggested, to spur Iraqis to ‘end this civil war.’”
(Cris Barrish, “Biden Supports Three-Part Iraq Split,” The News Journal[Wilmington, DE],3/4/07)
Romney:  “By allowing for universal jurisdiction, charges can be brought up in any court preventing traffickers from hiding in complicit or weak countries.”
(Glen Johnson, “Romney Favors Ambassador To Deter Nukes,” The Associated Press,4/25/07)
Slaughter:  “[A]s a matter of international law, crimes against humanity are subject to universal jurisdiction. That means that any nation, including the United States, could prosecute nuclear traders anywhere in the world. … Failing states would no longer provide safe haven for rogue individuals.”
(Anne-Marie Slaughter and Thomas Wright, Op-Ed, “Punishment to Fit the Nuclear Crime,” The Washington Post, 3/2/07)
Romney: “Romney says the acts of black marketeers trying to sell so-called loose nukes ‘should not bedismissed with the kind of nonchalance that accompanies routine violations of the law.’”
(Glen Johnson, “Romney Favors Ambassador To Deter Nukes,” The Associated Press, 4/25/07)
Slaughter:  “Creating a nuclear transfer taboo would strip away feigned protestations of innocence andillusions of a victimless crime. It would stigmatize black-market financiers and other facilitators of nucleartransfers as the ultimate merchants of death.”
(Anne-Marie Slaughter and Thomas Wright, Op-Ed, “Punishment to Fit the Nuclear Crime,” The Washington Post, 3/2/07)
In 1994, Romney Changed His Mind On Military Intervention In Haiti, First Saying It Should Be Option Then Declaring Total Opposition July 1994: Romney Said Military Option In Haiti Should Be On The Table If  Diplomacy Failed.
“Republican US  Senate candidate Mitt Romney, who is now attacking Sen. Edward M. Kennedy for supporting an invasion of Haiti, said two months ago he ‘would not take it off the table’ as an option for restoring democracy there. Speaking at a July 12 reporters’ breakfast in Washington, Romney said, ‘I favor a multilateral approach to Haiti, and I would not take off the table any of the options’ including military action. ‘I don’t believe that our first option by any means should be military. I believe that we should offer diplomatic solutions prior to those. But if nothing worked . . . the other course would be military,’ Romney said.”
(Peter Howe, “Invasion ‘Option’ Cited By Romney,” The Boston Globe, 9/18/94)
September 1994: Romney Declared Total Opposition To Military Action In Haiti.
“Accusing US  Sen. EdwardM. Kennedy of ducking the issue, Republican US Senate hopeful Mitt Romney yesterday declared his opposition to an invasion of Haiti and called on Kennedy to make his own position clear. … Romney said he was opposed to an invasion because he felt that no ‘substantial US interest like our national security, the safety of our citizens or the security of our economy’ is at stake.”
(Scot Lehigh, “Romney Assails Kennedy On Haiti,” The Boston Globe, 9/17/94)


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