McCain’s Opposition Research – Part 31

Via or from BuzzFeed comes an opposition research file compiled by the McCain campaign in 2008.  The document is 194 pages long.  This post begins near the middle of pg 121 and ends at the top of page 127.

I have bolded the first word in each entry for ease of reading.



Romney Instituted “Top-To-Bottom” Corrections Reform Effort Early In His Term In 2003, Romney Commissioned Former Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee And Ex-Attorney General Scott Harshbarger To Lead “Top-To-Bottom” Review Of  State’s Correction System.

NPR’s LYNN NEARY:“[T]wo months after the brutal murder of a defrocked priest in a maximum-security prison in Massachusetts, Governor Mitt Romney has ordered a top-to-bottom review of the state’s Department of  Corrections. …Republican Governor Mitt Romney has appointed Scott Harshbarger to lead a top-to-bottom review of the corrections system.  Harshbarger is a Democrat and former state attorney general who says over the past 20 years the state paid less attention to corrections policies even as it worked effectively to reduce crime.”

(NPR’s“Weekend Edition,” 11/1/03)

December 2003: Facing String Of Bad Press Coverage, Romney “Purged” State’s Correction And Public Safety Commissioners As Well As Chief Medical Examiner.

“Facing daily reports of scandal and abuse in the prisons, medical examiner’s office and state licensing division, Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday purged three top public safety officials in the first major shakeup in his administration. The high-level officials swept out in the personnel changes have been struggling to dig out from a barrage of negative headlines and allegations of mismanagement.”

(Steve Marantz, “Wipeout,” Boston Herald, 12/2/03)

Department Of Correction:  “Michael Maloney, commissioner of the Department of Correction … was placed on medical leave in the wake of the brutal strangulation murder of defrocked priest John J. Geoghan, and is being replaced by Kathleen M. Dennehy, deputy commissioner. Administration officials would not disclose the nature of Maloney’s illness.”

(Steve Marantz, “Wipeout,” Boston Herald, 12/2/03)

Office Of Public Safety: “Commissioner of Public Safety Joseph Lalli … will resign at the end of December as federal and state authorities probe the improper issuance of licenses for tradesmen and heavy equipment operators. No replacement has been named.”

(Steve Marantz, “Wipeout,” Boston Herald, 12/2/03)

Chief Medical Examiner:  “Dr. Richard J. Evans, the chief medical examiner … will be replaced amid revelations in Boston Herald of gross mismanagement. Romney will choose his successor from three candidates to be nominated by a 16-member commission activated yesterday.”

(Steve Marantz, “Wipeout,” Boston Herald, 12/2/03)

Romney Aide: “The Governor Is Interested In A Fresh Start” On Public Safety Issues.

“‘The governor is interested in a fresh start at (the Executive Office of Public Safety,)’ said a senior aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The aide downplayed the personalities involved, saying,  ‘These personnel moves should not reflect negatively on the people involved, rather, they indicate the governor’s prerogative to bring in his own team to manage critical public safety functions.’”

(Steve Marantz, “Wipeout,”  Boston Herald, 12/2/03)

Romney Had Been Under Fire For Mismanagement Of  Prisons And Lax Oversight Of Sex Offenders.

“Romney has come under fire from Democratic lawmakers for mismanagement of the prisons as well as the Sex Offender Registry Board, which is part of the Executive Office of  Public Safety. A Herald-Fox 25 News investigation uncovered a failed system of monitoring sex offenders. In scores of cases, state records contained inaccurate information about the residential addresses and work locations of some of the most dangerous sex offenders after their release from prison.”

(Steve Marantz, “Wipeout,” Boston Herald, 12/2/03)

After Romney Left Office, Top Public Safety Officials Were Dismissed Over Performance Issues, Admitted System Is Not Working Well Weeks After Romney Left Office, Commissioner Kathleen Dennehy Admitted System Suffered From Overcrowded Prisons, Few Effective Rehabilitation Programs And Outdated Sentencing Policies.

“Outdated sentencing policies and a lack of effective rehabilitation programs are forcing inmates unprepared for civilian life into Massachusetts communities, corrections experts warned at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government last night. The commonwealth’s prisons are overcrowded and cannot accept inmates at the current rate, Department of  Correction Commissioner Kathleen Dennehy [said] … ‘Until we address our sentencing practices, we are going to be in a box of increasing incarceration rates,’ she said.”

(Emily Shields, “Criminal Justice Officials Speak At Harvard On Prison Sentencing Reform,” The [Boston University] Daily Free Press, 2/28/07)

Dennehy:  “Prisons are starting to look more like hospital wards than institutions for punishment and rehabilitation.”

(Emily Shields, “Criminal Justice Officials Speak At Harvard On Prison Sentencing Reform,” The [Boston University]Daily Free Press, 2/28/07)

In 2007, Romney’s Handpicked Correction Commissioner Was Asked To Resign Amid Loss  Of Confidence By New Governor, Prison Employees In April 2007, Romney’s Successor Asked “Controversial” Correction Commissioner Kathleen Dennehy To Resign.

“Correction Commissioner Kathleen M. Dennehy, who was appointed to overhaul the state’s prison system after the slaying of incarcerated priest John Geoghan, has been asked to leave her post by the Patrickadministration, according to administration sources. … Since Governor Mitt Romney appointed Dennehy in March2004, she has been a controversial figure. … [S]he inspired optimism among reform activists who believed she would bring a new openness and crack down on alleged abuse by guards. But she quickly fell out of favor with the union, which accused her of initiating policies that made the job of correction officers more dangerous.”

(Andrea Estes, “Prison Chief Stepping Down,” The Boston Globe, 4/18/07)


Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union’s Steve Kenneway Said Dennehy’s Weak Positions When It Came To Assaults On Guards Led To Loss Of Confidence In Her Leadership.

“[Kenneway] said two policies in particular turned the union against her. After an inmate was beaten by guards, Dennehy changed the department’s use-of-force policy, so that an officer who is provoked must stop before acting to consider what a neutral person would find a reasonable response. Kenneway said that Dennehy has also downplayed the seriousness of assaults on officers and failed to press for the prosecution of prisoners who attack guards.”

(Andrea Estes, “Prison Chief Stepping Down,” The Boston Globe, 4/18/07)

Kenneway: Dennehy “Changed Policies That We Believe Will End Up Getting An Officer Killed.”

“Her management style has been nothing but abrasive … Under her leadership, she has alienated the officers and changed policies that we believe will end up getting an officer killed. Morale has never been lower.”

(Andrea Estes, “Prison Chief Stepping Down,” The Boston Globe, 4/18/07)

Kenneway Noted New Limits On How Guards Can React When Provoked And Study Showing“Serious Shortcomings” In State’s Handling Of At-Risk Inmates.

“Kenneway pointed to a change in theuse-of-force policy, which put new limits on what actions guards could take when provoked, and what he sawas her reluctance to push for prosecution of inmates who assault guards. The system has also seen a sharprise in suicides on Dennehy’s watch, leading her to call for a study that recently highlighted seriousshortcomings in the state’s handling of at-risk inmates.”

(Andrea Estes, “Prison Chief Stepping Down,”  The Boston Globe,4/18/07)

Romney Appointed Dennehy In December 2003 After Prison Slaying Of Abusive Priest John Geoghan By Another Inmate.

“Romney appointed Dennehy as acting commissioner in December 2003 to replace Michael T. Maloney. He was ousted four months after Geoghan, a dismissed priest whose abuse of young boys helped trigger the clergy sexual abuse scandal, was killed in his prison cell by another inmate. Dennehy was officially   appointed to the post three months later.”

(Andrea Estes, “Prison Chief Stepping Down,” The Boston Globe, 4/18/07)

State Rep. Kay Khan (D) Said Dennehy Was “Confined” By Romney Administration.

“State Representative Kay Khan, Democrat of Newton, who has worked on correction issues for more than a decade,  said Dennehy tried to make changes but was met with resistance from the former administration. ‘Her heart and mind have always been in the right place, though she’s often been confined I believe by the Republican administration. She’s had to be cautious about how far she’s willing to go,’  said Khan.”

(Andrea Estes, “Prison Chief Stepping Down,” The Boston Globe, 4/18/07)


Assessments Of Massachusetts Prison System Revealed Array Of Internal Problems Prisoners “Routinely Being Released Into Cities And Towns With Highly Infectious Diseases … Because Of Woeful Medical Care Behind Bars.”

“2005 assessment of the Romney administration’s overall progress on prison reform assigns a ‘D’ to its improvements in health care since June 2004. Massachusetts prisoners are routinely being released into cities and towns with highly infectious diseases – among them tuberculosis, skin lesions, hepatitis C and HIV – because of woeful medical care behind bars.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

System Had Inadequate Treatment Facilities For Inmates With Infectious Diseases.

“According to a 2003 study from the Massachusetts Public Health Association, a third of the inmates entering the DOC system had hepatitis C. The entire system had just 55 treatment slots for the highly contagious disease.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Twenty Prison Guards Were Paid Over $270,000 In Salary While On Forced Leave After Allegations Of Impropriety.

“Some $270,000 in taxpayer-funded salaries are being paid to 20 prison guards or Department of Correction civilian staff who are on leave while being probed for prisoner abuse, criminal charges such as rape and domestic violence and other incidents.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Guards Filed Over 30 Complaints Regarding Malfunctioning Cell Doors Before Several High-Risk Prisoners Escaped From Cells At Walpole, MA Prison When Doors Failed.

“In 2005, several of the state’s most dangerous cons escaped their cells at MCI-Walpole’s Disciplinary Disorder Unit after electronic doors malfunctioned. In one case a prisoner left his cell and went on a rampage, breaking windows and passing out razors to other inmates. Prison guards filed 34 complaints about the faulty doors before the DOC shut down the unit for repairs in July. The unit remains closed.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Lost Security Video May Have Warned Of Impending Jailhouse Murder.

“Pedophile priest John J. Geoghan murdered Aug. 23, 2003, by a fellow inmate, a slaying that his killer, Joe Druce, pantomimed on a security video that DOC officials were unable to locate.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Guards Complained About Dangerous Staffing Conditions In One Prison Where Female Counselor Was Attacked By Sexual Predator.

“In December, a convicted sexual predator attacked a female counselor at MCI-Gardner, a prison plagued with problems because of low staffing levels. Guards have written more than two dozen reports about dangerous conditions in the prison.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Romney Efforts At Reforming Prison System Failed, Commissioner Fired By Successor

Romney’s Handpicked Correction Commissioner Kathleen Dennehy Forced Out By New Governor “Under A Cloud.”

“Outgoing Correction commissioner Kathleen Dennehy confronted a culture of secrecy, tolerance of inmate abuse, and rigidity when she took control of the state prison system in 2003 after the ouster of her predecessor by then-Governor Romney. But now it is the reform-minded Dennehy who is under a cloud, and who has been asked to leave her post by Governor Patrick, raising questions about what kind of leader is needed next at the Department of Correction.”

(Editorial, “Hard Time For State Prisons,” The Boston Globe, 4/24/07)

Globe  Editorial: Romney’s Appointee Couldn’t “Make A Clean Break From The Correction Culture In Which She Rose.”

“On paper, Dennehy seemed the right person to lead the department. … But the 31-year employee of the department could never fully make a clean break from the Correction culture in which she rose.  She speaks convincingly of the need for transparency and accountability. But murkiness still remains, including in the important area of prisoner classification.”

(Editorial, “Hard Time For State Prisons,” The Boston Globe, 4/24/07)

Romney Advisory Council On State Prisons Fell Apart In 2005 As Members Claimed Romney Lacked Commitment Four Members Of Romney’s Advisory Council On Prisons Resigned Their Seats, Charging Romney Was Not Committed And Didn’t Attend Meetings.

“[S]tate Sen. Jarrett T. Barrios (D-Cambridge), who quit Romney’s DOC Advisory Council last year citing Romney’s inaction on its proposals, said the state’s troubled system is no model … Romney formed the council after the 2003 murder of defrocked priest John Geoghan by a fellow inmate. Four members have quit, saying Romney was not committed to change and did not attend a single meeting.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

April 2006: Romney Toured Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility To Offer Ideas – Despite Lack Of  Experience With His Own State Prison System Romney Had Only Toured Massachusetts’  Troubled Prisons “Once Briefly.”

“Gov. Mitt Romney, who has only visited the state’s troubled prisons once briefly, will tour the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, tomorrow to share his ideas on prison ‘best practices,’ a spokesman said yesterday.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Romney’s Spokesman Acknowledged Lack Of Hands-On Experience In State.

“Ferhnstrom acknowledged Romney’s only prison visits while in office were a tour of a residential pre-release program in Boston and a press conference he held in the parking lot of the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, which he did not tour.”

(Michelle McPhee, “Say It Ain’t Mitt-Mo,” Boston Herald, 4/21/06)

Purpose Of Guantanamo Trip Was To Share Best Practices Of State Institutions.

“The one-day trip is an opportunity for them to see how the prison operates and to share ideas on the way their state prisons are run, Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said.”

(Brooke Donald, “Romney, Huckabee To Visit Guantanamo Bay,” The Associated Press, 4/20/06)

Boston Herald: Romney Did Not Spend “Any Quality Time” At State Prisons.

“The notion that military brass are just waiting around for this state’s governor to swing by and offer them his best advice on running a military prison, now in its fourth year of operation, is kind of amusing. Well, it would be amusing if Mitt Romney had actually spent any quality time visiting prisons here in Massachusetts.”

(Editorial, “Gitmo Gov On The Fly,” Boston Herald,4/22/06)

Romney Brought Corrections Commissioner With Him To Guantanamo Despite Criticism Of  Department

Commissioner Kathleen Dennehy Joined Romney’s Trip To Cuba Even Though Her Department Had Been“Barraged By Criticism.”

“Department of Correction Commissioner Kathleen Dennehy is joining Romney on the trip. Dennehy was named commissioner in 2004 and oversees 18 correctional facilities across Massachusetts.The state’s prison system under Romney has been barraged by criticism from elected officials, members of an independent committee appointed by Romney and prison reform advocates.”

(Emma Ratliff, “Healey Defends Mitt’s Cuba Excursion, Record On Prisons,” Boston Herald, 4/22/06)

Massachusetts Prison System Given Poor Grades In Multiple Areas.

“All give the system poor grades for health care and communicable diseases, the security and safety of guards and inmates, an abusive internal corrections culture and other failings.”

(Emma Ratliff, “Healey Defends Mitt’s Cuba Excursion, Record On Prisons,” Boston Herald, 4/22/06


Medical Examiner’s Office Was Investigated For Various Missteps As Whistle blowers Noted Lax Conditions State Medical Examiner’s Office, Under Jurisdiction Of Romney Administration, Was Investigated By Attorney General In 2003 For Botching Infant Death Investigation.

“The [Medical Examiner’s] office, which lawmakers and officials have for years called underfunded and understaffed, is now under investigation by the attorney general’s office for sending the wrong set of eyeballs for testing following an infant’s death. Lawmakers plan hearings next month on restructuring the office, and Republican Gov. Mitt Romney’s administration, which oversees it, is implementing its own changes.”

(Ken Maguire, “Medical Examiner’s Office Under Fire,”

The Associated Press


“The Medical Examiner’s Office Has Also Been Criticized In Recent Months For … Misidentifying A Fire Victim’s Body, Which Was Later Cremated.”

(Jonathan Saltzman, “DA’s Rap Governor’s Death Penalty Plan,” The Boston Globe, 5/4/04)

Whistleblowers Sued Medical Examiner’s Office After Being Fired Or Disciplined For Their Actions.

“The state Medical Examiner’s Office, which oversees vital evidence in murder cases, handles body parts and other evidence in a lax and primitive manner, says a pathologist fired soon after bringing that and other problems to the attention of the governor. Dr. Abraham T. Philip was in the office as a contractor from October 2003 to March2004, and also worked there from 2000 to 2002. He is the fourth whistle blower to sue the M.E.’s Office after being disciplined or dismissed, he claims for trying to reform the embattled department.”

(Tom Mashberg & Maggie Mulvihill,“M.E. Office In Critical Condition,” Boston Herald, 5/24/04)

Romney Vetoed Reorganization Measure Affecting Medical Examiner’s Office And State Crime Lab In 2003, Joint Legislative Committee Hearing Was Called To Discuss Reorganization Of Medical Examiner’s Office.

“The Public Safety and Criminal Justice legislative committees have called a Dec. 2 joint hearing into the workings of the office. Public Safety Chairman Sen. Jarrett Barrios, D-Cambridge, said he’ll revisit a proposal to collapse the medical examiner’s office, State Police crime lab, and related offices into one forensic sciences department.”

(Ken Maguire, “Medical Examiner’s Office Under Fire,”  The Associated Press, 11/14/03)

Romney Had Previously Vetoed Measure Allowing Forensic Sciences Department To Take Charge Of Medical Examiner’s Office.

“A state budget provision would have taken those steps, but Romney vetoed it, opting to increase the medical examiner’s budget by 30 percent.”

(Ken Maguire, “Medical Examiner’s Office Under Fire,” The Associated Press, 11/14/03)


Romney’s Veto Message:  “Although I support the idea of improving forensic services, I am vetoing this section because I think this initiative requires more study.”

(Sean Murphy, “Travaglini Blasts Romney Over Medical Examiner’s Office Contends Governor Deferred Overhaul,” The Boston Globe, 1/24/04)

Sen. Jarrett Barrios (D), Public Safety Committee Chairman: Romney “Refused” To Deal With ME’s Office As Part Of Government Reorganization.

“The governor himself proposed reorganizing state government to promote efficiencies and cost savings. He refused to deal with the medical examiner’s office as part of that.”

(Ken Maguire, “Medical Examiner’s Office Under Fire,” The Associated Press, 11/14/03)

Backlog Issues At Medical Examiner’s Office And Crime Lab Led To Criticism Of Romney’s Proposed“Foolproof” Death Penalty System District Attorneys Criticized Romney’s Death Penalty Proposal In Part Because Of Problems With Crime Lab And Medical Examiner’s Office.

“Several district attorneys criticized Governor Mitt Romney’s proposal to establish what he insisted would be a nearly foolproof death penalty system, with the prosecutors saying yesterday that the troubled state medical examiner’s office and State Police crime laboratory can barely carry out current responsibilities, let alone make sure that innocent people don’t end up on death row.”

(Jonathan Saltzman,“DA’s Rap Governor’s Death Penalty Plan,” The Boston Globe, 5/4/04)

Norfolk DA Called Romney Proposal “Ridiculous” To Add Responsibility To Overburdened Crime Lab And Medical Examiner.

“But Norfolk District Attorney William R. Keating said it is ridiculous for the state to consider giving the medical examiner’s office and crime lab the added task of analyzing scientific evidence in death penalty cases. Both offices have struggled with crushing backlogs, Keating said, with delays of several months in getting scientific analyses for criminal cases.”

(Jonathan Saltzman, “DA’s Rap Governor’s Death Penalty Plan,” The Boston Globe, 5/4/04)

In 2004, Romney Defended Embattled Outgoing Medical Examiner Richard Evans And Kept Him On State Payroll At Higher Salary After New Chief Was Appointed.  Romney Defended Chief Medical Examiner Richard Evans, Who Then Was Facing “Multi-Pronged” Probe By State Ethics Commission Into His Decade In Office.

“[F]lynn and Gov. Mitt Romney defended permitting investigation-plagued Chief Medical Examiner Richard F. Evans to remain in his $128,000-a-year post after Flynn said Evans had ‘reached the Peter Principle’ with regard to Evans’ ability to run his besieged office. The Herald reported Tuesday that Evans is facing a multi-pronged probe by the State Ethics Commission into his 10-yeartenure in the office, including charges he let tens of thousands in federal grant money be misused on salaries and other inappropriate items.”

(Tom Mashberg, “Union Is Calling For Flynn To Resign,” Boston Herald, 1/17/04)

Romney “Defended The Skills Of The Embattled” Evans.

“Gov. Mitt Romney defended the skills of the embattled outgoing chief medical examiner Monday as he appointed a panel of experts to find a new person to head the office, which has been blamed for losing body parts and accused of misusing government grants.”

(Karen Testa, “Governor Defends Embattled Chief ME As He Seeks Increase In Funding,” The Associated Press, 1/12/04)


Romney Said Underfunding Was Responsible For Office’s Woes.

“Romney blamed years of reported problems on more than a decade of underfunding and said he’d request a 60 percent increase – an additional$2.2 million – to bring the office in line with the latest technology and offer higher salaries to attract stronger candidates.”

(Karen Testa, “Governor Defends Embattled Chief ME As He Seeks Increase In Funding,” The Associated Press,1/12/04)

Evans Retained State Job And Received Generous Salary Increase After Being Demoted And While Under Investigation.

“Disgraced former chief medical examiner Dr. Richard Evans not only still works in the state office where he was demoted earlier this year following allegations of misconduct – he’s making a lot more money than he did when he was running the place, the Herald has learned. Romney’s office repeatedly refused to answer questions about Evans last night.”

(Laurel J. Sweet, “Disgrace Brings Dividend,” Boston Herald, 10/28/05)

Romney Appointed Under-Certified Pathologists To Commission Charged With Recruiting New Medical Examiner

January 2004: One Day After Announcing Intent To Replace Chief Medical Examiner Evans, Reports Revealed Romney’s Appointees To Commission Tasked With Finding Replacement Did Not Meet Certification Requirements.

“One day after Governor Mitt Romney publicly pledged to replace the state’s embattled chief medical examiner, his administration conceded yesterday that two of the governor’s appointments to a commission named to recruit a new medical examiner do not meet legal requirements.”

(Sean Murphy, “Concerns Raised On Examiner Commission,” The Boston Globe, 1/14/04)

State Law Requires Two Commission Members To Be Forensic Pathologists Certified By American Board Of Pathology, But Romney Appointed Two Pathologists Who Were Not ABP-Certified.

“Wilkins said in an interview that the governor’s office had made a ‘good faith effort’ to comply with the state statute for appointing the Commission on Medicolegal Investigation, which requires membership of two forensic pathologists certified by the American Board of Pathology. … Wilkins said the governor’s office discussed appointing the commission without the requisite forensic pathologists, but eventually decided to appoint two pathologists who lack certification in forensic pathology.”

(Sean Murphy, “Concerns Raised On Examiner Commission,” The Boston Globe, 1/14/04)

Romney Allowed Reporters To Be Misinformed On The Status Of Commissioners’ Certification Status.

“Romney made no mention of the lack of forensic pathologists on the commission on Monday when he introduced and swore into office commission members at a State House news conference. The governor was asked by a reporter, ‘Are the forensic pathologists on this commission certified as required by statute?’ In response, Romney turned to the newly sworn-in commission members and asked, ‘Are there any forensic scientists on this commission that are not board certified?’ After a moment of silence, Romney smiled, and replied, ‘They are all certified.’”

(Sean Murphy, “Concerns Raised On Examiner Commission,”

The Boston Globe, 1/14/04)

Romney’s 2005 Choice For Medical Examiner Later Criticized For “Sickening Backlog Of Decomposing Bodies” At M.E.’s Office

March 2007: Medical Examiner’s Office, Led By Chief Examiner Mark Flomenbaum, Criticized For Having“Dozens Of Corpses Stacked Up For Months.”

“Horrified by a Herald report describing a sickening backlog of decomposing bodies, a top state official yesterday ordered the immediate removal of dozens of corpses stacked up for months at the medical examiner’s office. … Burke, whose Executive Office of Public Safety oversees the ME’s office, said he would meet this morning with Chief Examiner Mark A. Flomenbaum to demand answers about the shocking conditions at the office…”

(Laura Crimaldi, “M.E. Ordered To Clear Out Bodies,” Boston Herald, 3/16/07)

Romney Chose Flomenbaum To Be Medical Examiner In 2005.

“Last month, Romney installed a new leader in the office, Dr. Mark A. Flomenbaum, a former New York City medical examiner who aided in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”

(Michael Levenson, “Romney Seeks $1B For State Projects,” The Boston Globe, 5/7/05)

“[Flomenbaum] Took Over The Office With Great Fanfare In 2005, Under Gov. Mitt Romney, Vowing To Clean Up One Of The Most Discredited Examiner’s Offices In The Nation.”

(Laura Crimaldi, “M.E. Ordered To Clear Out Bodies,” Boston Herald, 3/16/07)

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