More Etch-A-Sketch

I noticed this while making corrections before publishing the most recent post  -32.

This is from 2007 – almost 6 years ago.

Romney Has Attracted Criticism For His Changing Positions On Social Security

“From abortion, to gay marriage, to gun rights, to tax cuts, to immigration reform, to Social Security — even his own political heroes –Romney has switched his positions on just about every issue in this campaign.”

(Heidi Przybyla, “Romney, Battered Over Social Issues, Shifts Focus To Economics,” Bloomberg News, 2/7/07

It just keeps going on and on.  The most blatant, the most bald-faced lies, The Romney campaign never corrects the lies that Romney makes.  No, his surrogates keep amping up the volume and carry the extreme of the lies farther and farther to the radical right.

As if to get the base stirred up enough to make sure they vote.

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